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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Blackboard.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is the school’s virtual learning environment and essential to your studies at HYMS. On Blackboard you will find information such as programme handbooks, lecture slides, recordings and notes, staff contact details, reading lists and important assessment details.

How do I access Blackboard?

You can access MyProgress online at: http://blackboard.hyms.ac.uk. You need to log in with your HYMS username and password.

Can I access Blackboard off campus?

Yes, you can access Blackboard from anywhere with an Internet connection.

I have forgotten my password - how can I reset it?

You can change your password at any time both on and off campus by using the HYMS Password Management service – https://passwordreset.hyms.ac.uk

Once you have enrolled in the system (by selecting and answering a number of personal security questions) you can change your password. Should you ever forget your account credentials you can reset your account using this tool by answering the personal security questions that were set when you enrolled.

Password must be:

  • 10 characters minimum (however, a longer passphrase is recommended)
  • At least one non-letter (number or symbol) and contain upper and lower case letters
  • You will not be able to reuse your previous 6 passwords
How do I submit my assignment on Blackboard?

Detailed guides on how to submit an assignment on Blackboard can be found on the help site.

Why can't I see the correct courses on Blackboard?

Please email help@hyms.ac.uk if you can’t see the relevant courses/modules on Blackboard. Make sure you include the programme you’re studying and the courses that you can’t see.

Where can I find information on HYMS Library services and reading lists?

Information on HYMS Library services including books, journals and literature searching can be found on our Library webpages and FAQs at: http://libguides.hull.ac.uk/medicine/FAQ

MyProgress Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about MyProgress.

What is MyProgress?

MyProgress is the system used to record clinical experiences in Phase II & III of the MB BS programme.  It’s a mobile application that captures work based assessments, allowing students to build up a portfolio of skills and expertise, signed off by clinical supervisors. It works ‘offline’ meaning assessments can be recorded in the moment and synced to an online portfolio when the mobile device connects to the Wi-Fi.

How do I access MyProgress online?

You can access MyProgress online at: http://hyms.mkmapps.com/myprogress. You need to log in with your HYMS username and password.

What happens if I change or upgrade my mobile device?

If you upgrade or change your mobile device whilst using MyProgress you will need to follow these steps to ensure no assessment data is lost and that the transition to a new device is seamless.

  1. Sync all completed assessments on your old device
  2. Install the MyProgress app on your new device and log in
  3. Send the assessment forms (from the online interface) to your new device – see below for instructions
  4. Sync the forms so they appear on your new device
I have deleted an assessment from my mobile device – how do I retrieve it?

You can resend assessment forms to your mobile device from the online system. All of your assessment forms will appear in the Assessments section. Next to each assessment you will see the option ‘Resend to mobile device’.

Do I need an internet connection to use MyProgress?

No, MyProgress has been designed to work offline without an internet connection. Logging into the app and syncing assessments requires a connection (mobile or Wi-Fi) but an assessment form can be completed offline. We recommend that students put their device into airplane mode when completing assessments with patients.

I cannot find my completed assessments – where have they gone?

Once you have completed an assessment form (using the app) it will be stored under the COMPLETED heading on the app menu. You can also access all completed assessments online. Please note that if you complete an assessment form online it will not appear on the app. Only forms completed on a mobile device will be available on the app.

Can I complete an assessment form on a computer rather than a mobile device?

Yes, assessment forms can also be completed using the online system. However, this only really applies to the forms that don’t need to be signed off by a clinician, such as weekly reflections forms.

I don’t have a compatible mobile device – what should I do?

If you do not have a compatible mobile device please let your local clinical skills facilitator know as soon as possible. Device loans are available at all HYMS sites and measures will be put in place to ensure you can use the system to support your studies.

I have completed the wrong assessment form – what should I do?

Unfortunately, completed forms can not be deleted. If you have completed the wrong form you need to log in to the desktop version of the system and add a comment to which assessment the form relates to.

What should I do if my tutor enters an invalid email address?

If a tutor enters an invalid email address this assessment is likely to be rejected by your local clinical skills facilitator. You should contact your local skills facilitator to discuss the issue. Please be aware that you might have to complete this assessment again.

How many formative assessments do I have to complete before I can complete a summative?

This information is available in the Clinical Skills book on Blackboard. MBBS Students: HYMS Clinical Skills > Phase II Content > General Documentation PA Students: HYMS Physician Associate Procedural Skills 2018/19 > General Documentation

What should I do if my locum tutor does not have a valid email address?

If you locum tutor does not have a valid email address please inform you local clinical skills facilitator (CSF). The CSF will add a comment to the assessment to confirm that it has been completed by a HYMS approved tutor.

Where can I insure my mobile device? (relevant only to Physician Associate students)

We strongly recommend that Physician Associate students insure their iPads. If it is lost, stolen or broken then you are responsible for replacing it. We recommend you insure your iPad against such incidents and there are a number of companies such as Endsleigh, Gadget Cover or Protect your Bubble that offer competitively priced insurance cover. If you already have home contents insurance, check with your insurer as you may find the iPad is already covered.

How do I map case based discussion forms to the PA competency framework? (relevant only to Physician Associate students)

Once you have completed a case based discussion form you will need to map it to the PA competency framework. Please note you can only do this in the online system.

  1. Log in to MyProgress at: http://hyms.mkmapps.com/myprogress
  2. From the navigation menu – click on Completed Assessments
  3. From the list of completed assessments, select the one you would like to map to the framework
  4. From the tabbed menu, select Mark Competencies – this is were you can map this assessment to a competency
  5. Select from the framework the competency you would like to map this assessment against

Echo360 Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about Echo360.

What is Echo360?

Echo 360 is the schools lecture capture system, which is used to record all Phase I lectures. Recordings are made available to students via Blackboard.

What is Echo360 Personal Capture?

Echo360 Personal Capture is a stand-alone desktop application that allows you to record your computer screen (e.g., a PowerPoint presentation or other materials) with an audio narration, along with a webcam video (optional). It runs on both Windows and Mac. To download Echo 360, please follow the instructions on our help guide titled ‘Echo360: Downloading and Installing personal capture‘.

Can I watch videos on my mobile/tablet device?

Yes, this guide ‘Echo360: Mobile Apps‘ details how to watch videos on a mobile device.

Can I download a recording?

Yes, you can download video recordings. This is detailed in the ‘Echo360: Download videos’ guide. 

I am repeatedly being prompted to log in to Echo360 when trying to view a video recording in Blackboard. How do I resolve this?

If you have correctly entered your HYMS email address and then HYMS username and password and are still being asked to provide your details, you will need to modify your browser settings. This should resolve the issue. You can also alternatively try another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

SMOTs Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about SMOTs.

What is SMOTs?

SMOTs is the technology used in Hull for the recording of Clinical Skills sessions. Further details can be found in our guides ‘Getting started with SMOTs – student guidance‘ and ‘Getting started with SMOTs – tutor guidance‘.


This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about email.

How do I Forward my Hull or York account to HYMS?

To forward your Hull account to HYMS Click Here.To forward your York account to HYMS Click Here 

Can I forward my HYMS Account?

Yes, HYMS allows you to forward your account to the following addresses, *.nhs.uk, *.nhs.net, *.hull.ac.uk, *.york.ac.uk. to Forward your HYMS account Click Here