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Sharing OneDrive and Microsoft Teams files

Guide overview

  • Sharing OneDrive files
  • Send direct links to OneDrive shared content
  • Sharing Microsoft Teams files

General guidance: if a recipient does not receive a link/email to shared content, advise them to check their Junk Email folder.

Sharing OneDrive files

OneDrive for Business at Hull York Medical School is your own individual workspace. You can share individual files with internal HYMS colleagues/students and external individuals. This can be useful for sharing one-off files for collaboration with individuals. Any other form of sharing will most likely be suited for creating and sharing content in Microsoft Teams (see below).

The files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you decide to share them. Please access the following links to Microsoft support help pages for full guidance: sharing files and folders, seeing who you have shared with and to stop sharing.

You can send a direct link to shared content when choosing to share a file (see the above support page links). You save space in everyone’s mailbox and encourage people to edit the same copy in OneDrive, if they have an Office 365 account.

You can also include a link in an email from the Outlook Web App with default edit permissions for recipients with HYMS Office 365 accounts.

Click on the attach icon in an emailScreenshot of attach and browse cloud locations on Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Choose Browse cloud locations 
  2. Choose Share the file as a OneDrive linkscreenshot of share as a OneDrive link via email

Please also see the Microsoft support page on collaborating with files in OneDrive: document collaboration and co-authoring in OneDrive.

If you leave Hull York Medical School, the files in your OneDrive account will be deleted (even if they are shared with others). Please consider whether it’s better to share your content via a Team instead (see the below guidance).

screenshot of Microsoft Team file optionSharing Team files and folders

Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that allows individuals (internal and external) and teams to simultaneously work on documents and projects.

This is usually the most appropriate and best way of sharing content at HYMS. This method of sharing also avoids long email threads and numerous versions of one file in circulation. It also means colleagues and collaborators can remain up to date on the latest communications and agreed work processes around any content.

If you store files in a Team then the files belong to the team, rather than an individual. This is an advantage over sharing via OneDrive, whereby if a user leaves the school, their files will be deleted.

Please see the following Microsoft support page on sharing a file in Teams, collaborating with files and folders in Teams and sharing file links outside of a Team: share a file in Teams, collaborate on files in Microsoft Teams and sharing a file with someone outside of a Team.

Please also see our help page on inviting external participants to a Teams video call meeting and to become a Team guest member (to access and collaborate on content): how to invite a guest to Microsoft teams *It is advised to invite individuals to Team video call meetings and as Team members / guest members by using their HYMS account details if they have them (rather than University or NHS email addresses for example). This will give greater access to content and greater abilities to participate.

Updated on 23/01/2023

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