Moving Files Into Teams Via SharePoint

An efficient way of moving your files and folders into Microsoft Teams in bulk is by using the ‘Open in SharePoint’ option that’s available in Teams.

Required steps in Teams

In Teams in the files tab in any channel, you’ll see an option at the top which says “Open in SharePoint.” Click on this link to a open a Sharepoint web version of your files in Teams.

Open in sharepoint

Please note that this method of transferring files won’t work in Internet Explorer. You’ll need to use another browser such as Google Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox.

Required steps in Sharepoint

If you want to move all the files over once you’ve got to this point it’s really as easy as selecting all the folders you want and then just dragging them onto the Sharepoint window.

Sharepoint file view

You’ll see confirmation that the files are being copied and you will also see a notification for any files that have failed to copy.

view upload status

Click on the uploading status indicator for more information

Upload information

Using Sharepoint is a quick and efficient way to move a large number of files and folders into Teams and once the copy process is complete your files and folders will be visible in Teams.

Dragging folders into the SharePoint view of Teams files retains folder structure


Please be aware of the following limitations when copying files into Teams using this method:
  • You can only copy 15,000 files at any one time (if you have more than 15,000 please copy in batches).
  • The maximum size allowed for any single file on Teams/Onedrive is 15Gb
Updated on 23/01/2023

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