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Access your HYMS email via a Web Browser

This guide outlines how to access your Hull York Medical School email through a web browser but you can also access your email in a number of ways (using an desktop app, or through your mobile phone or tablet).

Students MUST check their University email account on a regular basis. It is used by your tutors for course information as well as official Medical School communications

Which browser?

You can access your HYMS email through any modern web browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge etc.

Accessing your email

Open your preferred Web Browser – we’re using Microsoft Edge and insert the URL https://www.office.com and then click on ‘Sign in’.

Office 365 sign in

If this is the first time you’ve visited this URL you will have to enter your username in the form hy123@hyms.ac.uk.

you’ll then be redirected to a Hull York Medical School login page.

Once logged in with your HYMS details, username in the form hy123@hyms.ac.uk and your Hull York Medical School password you should then see you should then see the options below:

Office 365 apps

Now that you’ve logged into your Hull York Medical School Office 365 account you should see a range of apps that are available to you. Click on ‘Outlook’ to open your email inbox.

Outlook web

You’ll now be able to access your HYMS emails.

Further information

Microsoft have produced a Get help with Outlook on the web guide which explains the basics of creating and sending emails and using you Outlook calendar.
Please also see our General Help page under Office 365 to see how to access other features including accessing your email through your mobile device.

Updated on 08/06/2020

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