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HYMS email on smartphone / tablet apps

You can add your HYMS email to your mobile phone/tablet either by using the native software that comes with your device (the mail software already installed on your device), or alternatively you can download the Microsoft Outlook app and access your HYMS email and calendar through that.

Downloading the Outlook app

Microsoft Outlook is available for iOS (apple) and Android devices. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store for use on the iPhone and iPad or downloaded from the Play Store for use on Android devices.

Microsoft have produced a series of video guides showing how to use the Microsoft app which is available on this Outlook for iOS and Android guide

Using the native mail app on your device *recent versions of iPad / iPhone only

Mail on iPad / iPhone (Method 1)

Click on the Mail icon and select Exchange – if you’ve already a personal account setup with mail you will have to go via the Settings, Passwords & Accounts, Add account, press Exchange

Enter your HYMS username as hy123@hyms.ac.uk and enter a description e.g. HYMS then press Next

Then press Sign In

Now enter your HYMS Password and press Next

Enter the following information

Server: outlook.office365.com


Username: enter your user ID in the form hy123@hyms.ac.uk

Ticks should appear next to the options after pressing Next

Now choose what to sync and press Save

It may take a few moments to setup the account on your device, click on mailbox and you should then see your inbox.

Mail on iPad / iPhone (Method 2)

Click on Settings, Passwords & Accounts, Add Account, press on Exchange

Now enter your email address in the form firstname.surname@hyms.ac.uk and enter a description such as HYMS and press on Next

A pop up box will ask you to sign in to your “hyms.ac.uk” account. Press on Sign In

You will now be presented with the organisational login page. Enter your username in the form hy123@hyms.ac.uk and then your password. Press on Sign In

You will now be presented with various sync options, press on Save when finished.

You will be diverted back to the Passwords and Accounts page, go to your Home Screen and press the Mail icon for your HYMS email.

Outlook app on Android

Step 1: Download the Outlook app from the Play store

  1. Download the Outlook app from the Google Play store. Please access the following link; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.outlook&hl=en_GB
  2. get started option in Outlook appChoose to install Outlook. Open the app once installed.
  3. Select to get started.
  4. Enter your HYMS details in the format  hyxxxx@hyms.ac.uk and choose to continue.set up log in in Outlook app
  5. set up log in in Outlook appEnter your HYMS details and sign in.
  6. Select to activate device administrator.activate option in Outlook app
  7. activate device admin app option in Outlook appSelect to activate this device admin app. Then choose to not add another account.

Step 2: Choose to turn off ‘focused inbox’

Focused inbox is a feature provided by Outlook to organise how your inbox displays, based upon what it judges is most relevant. So as to avoid missing any important emails, we strongly advise turning this off.

  1. In the app, navigate to your profile icon in the top left-hand corner. Navigate to settings.focused inbox option in Outlook app
  2. Select to turn focused inbox off.

Step 3: Access your HYMS Outlook calendar from the Outlook app

  1. Navigate to the Outlook app inbox view.
  2. Select the calendar icon in the bottom right-hand corner to view your HYMS calendar.calendar icon in Outlook app
Updated on 11/20/2020

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