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OpenCampus app; phase II/III guide to completing clinical skills forms

Guide overview

This guide will explain the following;

  • how to complete a phase 2 / phase 3 clinical skills form via the OpenCampus app
  • viewing forms sent from the app to the online OpenCampus dashboard.

This is a technical guide only. Please refer to the clinical skills handbook relevant to your year of study (Year 3,4 or 5) for essential overall guidance relevant to clinical skills completion / types of forms etc,. Please find this guidance in the Clinical Skills course on the HYMS Blackboard.

Forms are completed from the OpenCampus app. Please ensure you have installed the app. Please access the following help page; installing the app.

How to complete a phase 2 / phase 3 clinical skills form via the OpenCampus app

Please note; the tasks tab is the only tab on the app homepage menu that you will be utilising.

Please note; the below example workflow refers to a Year 5 formative form. Clinical skills forms may vary in content and form fields to complete. 

  1. Log in to the OpenCampus app on your mobile / iPad. From the app homepage menu, select the tasks tab. OpenCampus task icon
  2. Select the correct type of form from the my tasks list. In the example in the screenshot below, this is a Year 5 formative form.OpenCampus form option
  3. You will be presented with forms ready to complete.
  4. Select show all tasks to make any additional hidden forms visible.OpenCampus show all tasks option
  5. Select a form.OpenCampus form option
  6. Select start.OpenCampus start form option
  7. You will then be presented with several fields to fill in. Click on the first field to select the type of skill being assessed from a pop-out list.Your selection will populate the first field.OpenCampus skill type drop-down option
  8. You will need to declare if you have successfully completed a SIMsafe assessment by ticking the appropriate box and also manually enter text into the clinical location field.OpenCampus form fields
  9. You will then need to handover your device to the assessor to complete the rest of the form. The next section provides the assessor with essential written guidance on assessor requirements for completing a form.OpenCampus form fields
  10. The assessor will then need to fill in several fields, such as if the outcome of the assessment was a pass or fail, if verbal feedback was provided to the student and feedback for the student.OpenCampus form fields
  11. The assessor will then need to indicate their role from a pop-out list of roles.OpenCampus form fields
  12. The assessor will then need to select sign form to add a signature.
  13. The assessor will then need to add their name and their email address.
  14. The assessor will then need to click on submit.OpenCampus form fields
  15. You will then see a success message to indicate the form has been successfully submitted.OpenCampus success message form submitted
  16. The form will sync with the online OpenCampus dashboard once you have internet connection. It will be listed on the app homepage as waiting to be synced and then will no longer display once synced.OpenCampus sync pending

Please also note the following essential information;

  • Blank forms will appear on the app ready for you to use. If you require additional blank forms, you can send these to the app from the online OpenCampus dashboard. Please see the following help page for guidance on this; page.
  • You cannot save draft forms on the app. Any forms not completed will be discarded.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure any forms are completed / submitted successfully on the app, and successfully appear on the OpenCampus dashboard. You must also ensure your app is automatically syncing regularly. Please see the following syncing guidance on the help page; page.
  • The assessor must ensure the email address is in the format @hey.nhs.uk,@york.nhs.uk or @nhs.net.
  • Students can only complete a summative form once they have completed the required number of associated formative forms.

Viewing forms sent from the app to the online OpenCampus dashboard

  1. Navigate to the online OpenCampus dashboard; https://opencampus.hyms.ac.uk/
  2. Select the OpenCampus menu in the top left-hand corner, next to your name on the homepage.
  3. Select the dashboard tab below the OpenCampus menu.OpenCampus dashboard tab
  4. You will now see the dashboard homepage.
  5. Select the relevant type of form from the tabs listed on the homepage.OpenCampus dashboard
  6. Select ‘view details’ to find a specific form.OpenCampus view details option
  7. Select the relevant form type from the drop-down list and select apply.OpenCampus drop down form menu
  8. You will then be presented with a list of forms sent from the app. You can see their status listed alongside the title of the form.OpenCampus form status
  9. You can also select view, next to the form status to see the form in full (see image above).
  10. Under the tab menu at the top of the page you can see a summary list of what the different status icons mean.OpenCampus form status options
Updated on 09/25/2020

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