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Upload / share recordings and generate transcripts in Microsoft Stream


This article will explain how to;

  • upload and share recordings in Microsoft Stream
  • download a transcript from a recording in Stream (if required)
  • upload a Stream transcript file to an Echo30 recording to improve transcript quality (only relevant for Echo360 student-facing learning resources available in HYMS Blackboard).

What is Stream?

Stream is Microsoft’s video hosting and sharing platform. Hull York Medical School users have access to Stream via the Office 365 suite and can upload, view, organise and share videos using Stream. Using its built-in Automatic Speech Recognition Technology, Stream also automatically generates captions and a transcript for your videos.

Teams meeting recordings and Stream

Recorded Teams meetings are no longer uploaded to Microsoft Stream automatically. Recordings will be available in Teams channels or meeting chats (shortly after the meeting ends) for a short duration only, before being deleted. If you wish to keep a recording long-term, content will have to be manually downloaded from Teams and then, if required, uploaded to Stream. Further specific guidance on uploading Teams meeting recordings to Microsoft Stream can be found by accessing the following link; uploading Teams meeting recordings to Stream.  The following link for how to also add a Stream tab in Teams may also be of use; add and use a Stream tab in Teams.

Uploading and sharing video content in Stream

Follow these simple steps to upload and share your video content in Stream.

Staff using Stream to replace an Echo360 recording transcript, will firstly need to download a copy of their Echo360 recording. Please access the following link for further guidance; downloading Ech360 content.

  1. Access Microsoft Stream at the following link; https://web.microsoftstream.com/
  2. Log in with your HYMS email address and password.
  3. From the menu in the top left-hand corner, select create, followed by upload video.Stream menu tabs
  4. Drag and drop the video you wish to upload into the browser window.
  5. Whilst the video is uploading, you can rename the video, give the video a description, select the video language and select a thumbnail (thumbnails are automatically generated from the content). For transcripts and captions, it is important to set a video language when uploading your video content. Please click on images to enlarge them.Screenshot of Microsoft Stream
  6. Under the permissions heading, you can control who has access to the video.Stream recording permissions fields

The allow everyone in your company to view this video option means everybody (staff and students) with a Hull York Medical School IT account will be able to access the video you uploaded. If you’re only uploading a video for the purpose of downloading a transcript file, you need to ensure this checkbox is not selected.

  1. Under the options heading, there are various settings (comments, captions, subtitles) you can configure. The preselected options for these settings are fine.Screenshot of Microsoft Stream
  2. To finish the upload, select publish.

Please note, only MP4 and WMV files are currently supported for automatic captioning and transcription in Stream.

Download a transcript from a recording in Stream (if required)

  1. Stream videos tabFrom the menu in the top left-hand corner, navigate to my content and from the drop-down menu select videos.
  2. Click the edit icon (pencil icon), next to the video you would like to download the transcript file for.Stream video edit option
  3. In the option pane (right-hand-side), select download file next to the captions heading. This will download a .vtt file.

Upload a Stream transcript file to an Echo30 recording to improve transcript quality

As outlined on our help page, creating accessible content, since the 23rd September 2019, all public sector bodies have had to comply with new government regulations to make websites and online resources accessible to all. All HYMS staff must ensure that teaching, learning and assessment content made available to students (via Blackboard or any other platform) conforms to this new legislation. Ensuring you provide accurate transcript content that has been checked for any errors is a great way to ensure your transcripts are more accessible to students.

Once you have uploaded your Echo360 recording to Stream and generated / downloaded the better quality Stream transcript, you can then use it to replace the original Echo360 transcript.

It is possible from the ‘edit transcript’ settings for an existing Echo360 recording to upload a new Stream transcript file.

Please now click on the below links to access the Echo360 help pages regarding accessing the transcript editor for an individual recording, uploading your new replacement Stream transcript file and general guidance on using the Echo360 transcript editor.

Echo360 transcripts are only available for published Eco360 content (content shared in a course area on Echo360).

Other suggested help pages relating to accessible content

Please also see the following listed links to other suggested help pages relating to accessible content;

Updated on 08/06/2021

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