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Blackboard Ally student guide

This guide will explain:

  • the purpose of the Ally tool on Blackboard
  • how to download alternative formats
  • types of alternative formats

The purpose of the Ally tool on Blackboard

Ally is a tool on HYMS Blackboard that, where possible, provides alternative formats for certain types of files. 

How to download alternative formats

Beside certain types of files on a HYMS Blackboard course, there is an alternative format button which allows you to choose from a number of potential formats.

  1. Select the alternative format button alongside a file type. This is only visible as an option on certain file types.screenshot of the alternative format button
  2. Select the preferred alternative format type
  3. Read the terms of use
  4. Download the format type

screenshot of the steps to select a format, read terms of use and download








Types of alternative formats

Please see further guidance at the below help page:

What files will have alternative formats and what alternative formats are generated? *Please note, Translated Version and BeeLine Reader are not available on the HYMS Blackboard.

Updated on 06/09/2020

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