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Adding an Audio Name Badge to your email signature

Our names are central to our unique identities, and saying them correctly is the first step in connecting with, respecting, and appreciating one another. In the spirit of promoting feelings of inclusion for all members of our School, we have designed a way for staff and students to create an audio name badge for their Hull York Medical School email signature.

Please note, the audio name badge will only work for emails sent
between Hull York Medical School staff and students.

Step 1 – Record your name

  • Using a computer, open voice recorder (Windows) or QuickTime (Mac)
    and record yourself saying your name. Ensure the recording is clear and
    without background noise.
  • Using a mobile phone, find a free recording app from the Apple or
    Android store (‘recorder’ from Google or ‘Voice Memos’ on iPhone)

Step 2 – Saving your audio file

  • Using a computer, place the recorded file on your desktop or somewhere
  • Using a mobile phone, you’ll need to send the audio to yourself via

Step 3 – Creating an email signature in Outlook

  • In the Outlook client, open a new email and select the button named
    ‘signature’ and then select ‘signatures’ again from the drop down
  • In the web version of Outlook, you can click on the settings cog > View all
    Outlook settings > Compose and reply > Email signature
  • From here, create a signature for yourself, and select which signature
    you’d like to use by default
  • Add a line of text to your signature that will be used to hyperlink to your audio recording. We suggest ‘Hear my name’.

Step 4 – Adding your voice recording to OneDrive

  • Log into https://www.office.com/ with your Hull York Medical School account and navigate to your OneDrive
  • Click the ‘+ Add New’ button and then select ‘Files upload’
  • Find the file you saved to your desktop earlier and click upload
  • Select the uploaded file, and click the share button
  • Click on ‘people you specify can view’ and change the permission level to
    ‘people in Hull York Medical School with the link’
  • In the ‘copy link’ section, click on copy, and copy the link it generate
  • Make sure you’ve copied the OneDrive link from step 4 (ctrl-C or right click
    and copy)
  • Open your email signature in Outlook and select the ‘Hear my name’ text that you added in step 3
  • Select the ‘link’ icon (it normally looks like a circle with blue chain link)
  • In the address field, paste (ctrl-V or right click and paste) the OneDrive link
  • Click OK, then click OK again

Step 6 – You’re ready to go

  • Your email signature has now been saved and any emails you send,
    the recipient can click the audio badge icon and hear a recording of
    your name
Updated on 28/11/2023

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