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OpenCampus Phase I Portfolio: Clinical Skills / Clinical Placement weekly forms

Guide overview

This article will explain how to complete a Phase I clinical skills or clinical placement weekly reflection form in OpenCampus, as well as access feedback.

Each week for both clinical skills and clinical placement you are required to complete and submit a weekly reflection. These reflections are then reviewed by either your clinical skills or clinical placement tutor. They will provide you with constructive feedback on your performance that week.

The clinical skills weekly record forms will be available in your portfolio at the start of each teaching week (Thursday for Year 1 students and Friday for Year 2 students). The clinical placement weekly record forms will be available in your portfolio on the day you have clinical placement (Tuesday for Year 1 students and Thursday for Year 2 students). You will have 1 week (from the deployment date) to complete your weekly clinical skills and clinical placement reflections.

Your weekly record form will be removed from your portfolio page after the deadline. Failure to complete a form will result in it being marked as non-complete in your portfolio.

Complete a weekly record form

To complete a weekly record form, follow these simple steps:

  1. To access OpenCampus in your browser navigate to the following link; https://opencampus.hyms.ac.uk.
  2. Log in with your HYMS username and password.
  3. From the OpenCampus menu select portfolio. This will take you to your portfolio page where you will see all the outstanding portfolio items you need to complete. By default, the status filter on the page will be set to action required.

OpenCampus action required status on form

  1. Select edit next to the form you wish to complete. This will open the form. In this example, we will complete a clinical skills weekly record form.
  2. Firstly, select whether or not you attended this session. If you did not attend the session, you are not required to provide a reflection. However you still need to submit the form. If you did attend the session a text box will appear for you to write your reflection. If there was no session that week, select no session from the drop-down menu.

OpenCampus weekly form

Your reflection should include:

  • what you have done
  • what you have learnt
  • what you need to learn

Below is an example reflection.

What you have done

Our tutor went over the Calgary-Cambridge framework with us and we learnt the difference between open and closed questions. We also learnt that when we give feedback we need to describe it well in specific terms. This is so that the person doing the interview can learn from it.

We then took it in turns to talk to the simulated patient and gave feedback to the interviewing student.

What you have learnt

I learnt how to use open and closed questions and also to try to structure the consultation using the C-C framework. It was good to talk to the simulated patient and start practising before we saw real patients, as we could keep on going over various points with different students and in different ways.

I was nervous before I went into the room with the SP and then I was anxious about what the other students would say. My feedback from them did cover some points I did well, such as my introduction, but I also learnt that I fidgeted a lot and used my hands a lot when talking. Also trying to think of the C-C structure and what to ask the SP, as well as listening to their answers, was quite difficult.

What you need to learn

I will try and get a structure in my mind of questions to ask so that I can listen to what the patient says and also respond to their questions.

I will practise talking to a real patient on placement next week. It will be good to try and use what we have learnt today.

  1. Once you have completed your weekly reflection, select the tutor who facilitated your clinical skills session. By default, this should display your assigned clinical skills tutor. However, you can change this if you had a substitute tutor for your skills session.                                                                                                     

    Make sure you select the correct tutor before submitting. You will not be able to edit the tutor field after submitting the form.  If the tutor name does not appear at first, check the spelling is correct and type slowly.

    OpenCampus example reflection form
  2. You have the option to save or submit your weekly record. If you save your reflection (this might be useful if you have two clinical skills sessions in a week) you will be able to edit / add to the content prior to submission. A saved form will have the status of form in progress on your actions required page. Once submitted, the form will be sent to your tutor who will provide you with feedback. You will no longer be able to edit your reflection.

After submission, the form will now be marked within your portfolio as action required by tutor.  The tutor should provide grading and comments. Once your tutor has provided you with feedback this form will be marked as complete. Remember, you can use the filters on your portfolio page to organise the forms by action required / complete / actioned required by tutor.

Accessing feedback from your tutor

To access feedback from both your clinical skills and clinical placement tutor, you need to configure the filters on your portfolio page. Once a tutor has provided feedback on a weekly form, it will be marked as complete in the system.

The default status of the portfolio page is set to action required. To see your tutor feedback you need to change this to complete. The portfolio page will now display all the completed forms. To view your feedback, click on view next to the relevant form.

Please note, if you can’t see the form listed under complete, then the status of this form may be set to action required by tutor, non-complete by student or non-complete by tutor.

Updated on 18/01/2022

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