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MyProgress: Orientation of the online system

This article provides an overview on accessing MyProgress online and covers the key areas used by Physician Associate students.

Accessing MyProgress (through a web browser)

  1. To access MyProgress navigate to: https://hyms.mkmapps.com/myprogress

  1. Log in with your HYMS username and password.

MyProgress Homepage

Once logged in you will see the MyProgress homepage. Here you can access your completed assessment forms, assessment forms that have been deployed to you, feedback and reports of your assessment activity. All of these options are available from the navigation menu.

Resending Forms to Your Mobile Device

In the online system you may see assessment forms that are not currently on your mobile device. There could be several reasons for this. You can resend assessment forms to your mobile device. Next to each assessment form you will see the option to ‘Resend to mobile device’.  Please note you will need to sync (within the app) to see the resent assessment form on your mobile device.

Completing an Assessment Form Online

You can complete assessment forms online in addition to the app. However, this only really applies to the forms that don’t need to be signed off by a clinician, such as weekly reflections forms. To complete an assessment form online, select the respond now icon. This will load the same form that is available through the app on your mobile device.

MyProgress: Completed Assessments

The Completed Assessment section of the system lists all the assessments you have completed. Here you can review your completed assessments and any feedback you have received on them. This is what a completed assessment form looks like:

The Comments and discussion tab is where you will find the feedback from your tutors.

This is also where Physician Associate students can map case-based discussion assessments to the PA competency framework:

  1. From the list of completed assessments, select the one you would like to map to the framework
  2. From the tabbed menu (at the top of the assessment), select Mark competencies — this is where you can map this assessment to a competency
  3. Select from the framework the competency you would like to map this assessment against. You can map an assessment to more than one competency.

Please note you can only do this in the online system.

MyProgress: Feedback

The Feedback page is where all the feedback from your tutors will be displayed. The page gives you an overview of the feedback you have received, who gave the feedback and which assessment it relates to. From here you can email the tutor should you wish to discuss the feedback further.

This section of the help article only applies to the Physician Associate students.

The progress and reports section also allows you to monitor your progress of completing case-based discussion forms that map to the Physician Associate competency framework. To do this:

  1. Click Progress and reports from the menu
  2. Select the Framework completion report

This will display the competency framework — the competencies with the green ticks next to them represent the ones that have case-based discussion forms mapped against them. The number next to a competency represents how many case-based discussion forms have been mapped to it.

Updated on 02/12/2021

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