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Exporting content from MyProgress

This article provides an overview on how to export content from MyProgress as a PDF document.

HYMS Physicians Associate students will be expected to use your weekly reflections, case based discussions and supervisor feedback forms from MyProgress as evidence when putting together your summative portfolio.

Please note this task can only be done in the online system and not on the mobile app. These instructions were written using MyProgress in Google Chrome. The process may differ slightly in other web browsers.

  1. To access MyProgress navigate to: http://hyms.mkmapps.com/myprogress
  2. Login with your HYMS username and password.
  1. From the left hand menu select Completed Assessments. This section of the system displays all the assessment forms you have completed.
  2. Search for the content (case based discussion, weekly reflection etc.) you would like to export from MyProgress. You can do this using the search facility at the top of the page.
  3. Open the content you wish to export. At the bottom of the completed form you should see a Download button.
  4. Click Download. Your assessment form will download as a PDF.
Updated on 21/03/2022

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