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MyProgress: Completing a form on the mobile app

This article will explain how to complete a form on the MyProgress app from your mobile device. The MyProgress app allows you to record and evidence work-based assessments whilst on clinical placement.

Completing and Submitting Forms using the app

Follow these steps to complete a form on the MyProgress app:

  1. Select the form from the homepage form list. This opens a blank form.
  2. Now complete the fields within this form. How you do this will be depend on the question types on the form – you may need to select options from a drop-down list, complete a check list or type into a box.

Some activities that you are required to complete are observational assessments and need to be signed-off by a clinician. In this instance, once you have entered the relevant details on the assessment form, hand your device over to a clinician or tutor so they can provide you with a grade and some feedback. Assessors will need to sign-off the forms with their NHS email address.

  1. Once you have completed the form, review it carefully before submitting.  You will not be able to edit the form after it has been submitted and synced with the online system.
  2. Once the form has been completed, click Submit.

Please note that completed forms can only be accessed via the online system.

Working offline and manual sync

The app is designed to work offline once you have signed in and your assessment forms have synchronised with it. When a form is submitted, the app will check to see if a connection is available. If it is available, the form will sync to the online system automatically.

If no data connection is available, or if you have selected only to sync via Wi-Fi and there is no Wi-Fi available, the form will be saved as “ready to sync”. The number of items that are in progress is displayed on the In Progress icon in the app menu at the bottom of the screen.

The app will continue to check in the background for a connection, and when the your device is  online again (or Wi-Fi is available) it will automatically sync forms with the website.

You can trigger a sync manually if there are pending forms and the app hasn’t automatically completed a sync.

It is very important to sync your device regularly to ensure you have all of the forms assigned to you and also to send any completed forms back to the online system. If you don’t sync regularly, completed assessment forms could be lost in the event of the app crashing.

How to sync forms manually

Forms that have not synced to the online system will appear in the In Progress section of the app.

Follow these steps to manually sync forms on the MyProgress app.

  1. Select In Progress from the app menu.
  2. From the options that appear, select Ready to Sync. This will display the forms that are ready to sync to the online system.
  3. Select the Sync button (in the top right hand corner of the app) to trigger the sync.

Forms submitted in the app will only appear in your ePAD when a sync has completed. It is your responsibility to ensure that forms are synced to the online system.

Updated on 14/09/2023

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