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MyProgress: Guide to getting started with the mobile app

This article will explain how to download, install and access the MyProgress app on your mobile device. The MyProgress app allows you to record and evidence work-based assessment whilst out in clinical practice. The app works offline (meaning it doesn’t require an Internet connection) with assessments syncing to the online system when an Internet connection is possible.

Installing the MyProgress app

The MyProgress app is available on both iOS and Android. Click the links below to access the Apple and Google app store.

Please be sure to install the ‘MyProgress from MyKnowledgeMap’ app.

Logging In

When you first access the app you will be prompted to enter a service code which is ‘HYMS’. Then log in using your HYMS username and password.

Syncing the app

When you first login to the app press the Sync button to download forms that have been assigned to you (see image).

It is very important to sync your device regularly to ensure you have all of the forms assigned to you and also to send any completed forms back to the MyProgress system. If you don’t sync regularly completed assessment forms could be lost in the event of the app crashing.

Configuring the app settings

You can find the settings section by tapping the menu icon (see image). Then, tap the settings icon (the cog). In settings, you can set the app to automatically sync your device and to use mobile data as well as wi-fi (which will only use a very small amount of your data allowance). You can also change the size of the font, background colour and see the time and date of the last sync. You can also sign out, which would allow other users to sign in to the app on your device.

The video below outlines how to enter the service code, log in and modify synchronisation settings.

Once you’ve logged in and sychronised your device you should see a list of the forms that you will need to complete. To complete a form click on it and it will open on your device. When completing text entry questions tap the ‘Save’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to save your text.

Submitting Completed Forms

To submit your completed form, tap the Share icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen (see image).

Then tap ‘Send this response’.

Drafts are not synced with MyProgress and are stored only on the mobile device. This carries a potential risk of you losing data should you damage or lose your device. Remember to sync your device to send completed forms to the online system.

The video below outlines how complete, submit and sync and online assessment form.

Updated on 01/31/2019

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