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Completing MyProgress Time Sheets

This article provides an overview of the time sheets functionality in MyProgress.

HYMS Physician Associate students are expected to use the time sheets functionality to record the number of hours spent in clinical practice. You will need to complete time sheets using the app, as they need to be signed off by your educational supervisor. This is not possible if you complete a time sheet in the online system.

Completing a time sheet

  1. Open the MyProgress app and from the menu select New Time sheets Entry.

  1. To add a time sheet, click the plus icon in the top right hand corner.
  2. The time sheet has four sections (placement location, activity type, date and duration). From the drop-down menus, complete the time sheet and click Save.

Please note, under activity type you can select either Placement Hours Absence or Placement Hours Attendance.

  1. This time sheet will now be available on the previous page for sign-off.

Time sheets sign-off

We recommend you get your time sheets signed-off on a weekly basis.

  1. Your educational supervisors will sign-off your time sheets. To do this they must click on Approve Time Sheet.

  1. They will then be asked if they would like to sign-off your Primary Care or Secondary Care time sheets. Once they have selected they will see a list of all the time sheets for that location (primary care or secondary care).
  2. They then need to select the time sheets they wish to approve and click on Submit Time Sheet.
  3. The educational supervisor now needs to enter their name, their NHS email address and click OK. Time sheets will be considered invalid if they’re not signed off using an NHS email address.


  1. Once your educational supervisor has completed the sign-off, remember to sync your device so they’re sent to the online system.

Accessing your approved time sheets online

You’ll find all your approved (signed-off) time sheets in the online system. This is where you can keep track of your total number of hours in clinical practice.

  1. To access MyProgress, navigate to: http://hyms.mkmapps.com/myprogress
  2. In the menu, select Progress and Reports.
  3. From the tabbed menu, select Placements. From here you can run a time sheets report. This is where you can see the number of clinical hours you have recorded.

Screenshot of a MyProgress Timesheet report

Updated on 02/12/2021

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