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Viewing Echo360 content in full screen (from within Blackboard)

The guide will explain how to view an Echo360 recording in full screen mode.

When Echo360 content is accessed from Blackboard, the content cannot be viewed full screen as the content sits within the Blackboard interface. However, you can get round this by opening the Echo content in a new window or tab.

  1. When viewing a recording, right click on the content title at the top of the content window. Click on images to enlarge them.Echo360 recording content title
  2. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on open the link in new tab or open the link in a new window.Echo360 recording drop down menu
  3. In the new window or tab, hover your mouse in the upper right corner just below the content title. Click on the small ‘full screen’ square icon that appears.Echo360 recording full screen icon
  4. Content will now open in full screen. To exit full screen, click on the full screen icon again or press the [esc] key on the keyboard.Echo360 recording esc full screenEcho360 recording small screen
Updated on 19/11/2021

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