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Summative Assessment: Assessment & Feedback Video Submission Guide

This guide will explain how to:

  • Record a narrated presentation within a Microsoft Teams meeting (Part 1)
  • Submit the recording (video) to a submission point in Blackboard (Part 2)

Part 1: Record a narrated presentation within a Microsoft Teams Meeting

You will be required to record your group presentation using Microsoft Teams. To do this,  firstly you will need to schedule a Teams meeting for your group.

Step 1: Creating a Microsoft Teams meeting

Creating a Microsoft Teams meeting

As a group you will need to decide when you will record the group presentation. Once you have a confirmed date and time, you will need to setup a Teams meeting and invite all group members.

To schedule a meeting in Teams, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Calendar icon from the Teams Navigation bar. 
  2. Click on ‘New Meeting’ (top-right-hand corner).
  3. Add the meeting details (title, date, time, attendees). Make sure you add all the group participates with their HYMS email addresses.

  1. Click Send to schedule the meeting.  
  2. This meeting will be added to both your Teams and Outlook calendar. A meeting invite will be sent to attendees which will include a link to Join the meeting.

Step 2: Starting a Teams meeting

Starting a Teams meeting

Once the meeting has been scheduled, the next step is to prepare your content and join the meeting to record your presentation.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams from a browser or the app. Please see further guidance on the following help page; accessing Microsoft Teams.
  2. Click on the meeting in your Teams calendar. image of join now option in Microsoft Teams, @join now' button at the top of the image in a purple rectangle with a camera and microphone on/off buttons next to them. There is also a button for 'devices settings'You will now see an option to Join now. Before you join, select devices to check that your preferred device settings are selected for audio and video input. Also check the audio icon indicates audio is on (a line through the icon means it is off).You can choose to turn off your video by double clicking on the video icon. This will mean your webcam will not show your image. If you leave your video on, your image will appear in the bottom right-hand corner during your recording. If you turn it off, it will show your initials or your saved profile picture.
  3. Click on Join now when you are ready to start.
Step 3: Present your content

Present your content

After you have started the meeting, you will need to share (present) the content you wish to present (for example, PowerPoint slides).

To share your screen in a meeting, select Share content from the toolbar (at the top meeting window). Then, choose to present your entire screen, a window or a PowerPoint file. For further guidance on sharing your screen visit our Screen share in a Teams video meeting guide.

Image of the Teams menu bar. Image captures (from left to right) the raise hand icon, three dots (options), camera, microphone, stop share screen and leave meeting buttons. The stop sharing screen button is highlighted in a red box.

Step 4: Start recording

Start recording

We strongly advise you do a test recording (for at least a minute) before you record your presentation in full. This is to ensure you are happy with recorded view of your content and the sound quality.

As soon as you select record, you will be recording everything you are sharing. Please ensure you have checked there is nothing you have open / displayed that you do not want in a recording.

Once you have shared your presentation and you are ready you can start recording. To do this, select more options > start recording from the call bar menu.

To stop recording, navigate back to the meeting tool bar and select stop recording.

Step 5: Access and download a recording

Access and download a recording

Once you finished recording, you will need to download it for submission to Blackboard.  You will receive a notification in the meeting chat that your recording is ready to download. Depending on the length of the meeting, it may take some time before it’s available.

Please note, only the meeting organiser will be able to download the recording.

Follow these steps to download the recording:

  1. Go to the Meeting Chat and locate the recording.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon (three dots) and from the menu select Open in Stream. From Stream, you should be able to download the recording.
  3. From Stream, again click the ellipsis icon. This should give the option the Download the recording. A video download pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the download.

  1. Click Download to complete the process. This will download the file to your Downloads folder.

Your recording will be available for 60 days. After 60 days, the meeting recordings will be deleted.  It is important to download content as soon as possible. 

Part 2: How to submit this recording (video) to a submission point in Blackboard

Once you have recorded your video presentation, you will be required to submit this to Blackboard. Follow these steps to upload your video to Blackboard.

Assignment Submission Essential Guidance
Essential guidance

  • Ensure your groups video is not open on your device when you choose to upload it. If it is open this can result in issues with uploading correctly.
  • Ensure you have given yourself enough time to submit the assignments. Videos are large files that can take a few minutes to upload.
  • Ensure you have read all assignment instructions, as well as potential additional instructions received via other staff communications (such as via course announcements or accompanying documents).
  • Do not attempt to submit work from a mobile device (browser or via the Bb app).

File format, size and naming

  • The video file you upload should be an .mp4 file (the video you download from Microsoft Teams will be an MP4 file so there is no need for conversion)
  • Keep file names as concise as possible while still being meaningful (for example, Group 1 Video presentation). Characters such as ampersands (&) or + signs will cause problems when uploaded so avoid these when naming your file.

Step 1: Access the submission point

Access the submission point

  1. To access Blackboard, click on the following link: https://blackboard.hyms.ac.uk
  2. Click the Sign in with Microsoft button and login with your HYMS username and password (authentication for Blackboard is via Microsoft365)
  3. From the Blackboard homepage, click Courses from the Ultra navigation menu on the left-hand-side.
  4. On the Courses page, search for and open the HYMS HPE: Assessment and Feedback 2023/24 course.
  5. The submission point will be available in the Assessment Folder > Summative Assessment. Click on the Assignment titled: Summative Group Online Presentation.

  1. After you select the assignment, the Details & Information panel appears. View information such as the due date, number of attempts allowed, the time limit if imposed, and any grading criteria / rubrics.

Bb example submission link. from top to bottom the image depicts to following titles: Example Assignment, Details and information, Assessment due date, grading rubric, attempts, marking, description. At the bottom of the image is a black rectangle with the phrase 'Start Attempt 1'.

  1. Click on Start attempt. You will then be directed to the assignment submission page.

Step 2: Submit an assignment

Submit an Assignment

Please note that for group assignments only one member of the group needs to submit. You can submit multiple files to the submission area. If you are submitting multiple files, you need to make sure you do this as one submission.

  1. From the submission page, you can submit your assignment via the submission box.

Bb example submission box. Image shows a screen capture of a submission page. There is a submission box towards the bottom that has options such as insert and embed to link the submission.

Please ensure the video is not open on your device when you upload it. If it is open, it may result in issues when uploading.

  1. Drag and drop the video from your computer directly into the submission box.

  1. Once you have uploaded the file, edit the File Options.

Image depicts the 'Edit File Options' when submitting a video assignment.

  1. Select Save. The video you have uploaded should display inline on the submission page.
  2. When you are happy you have uploaded the correct video. Select to submit from the bottom right-hand corner.                                                                                                Bb submit assignment option

    We advise that you do not save work and return to the submission point later to submit. We advise you complete all steps during one attempt.

  3. You will then be prompted to confirm your submission. Select submit again.

Bb submit assignment option with the 'submit' button highlighted in a red box

  1. You will then see a success message with a copy of your receipt which you can download as an additional record of submission.

Bb assignment submitted success message. Image states the Course, Assessment, Submission Date, Submission size, Confirmation Number and a download button highlighted in a red box.

Every member of the group will receive an email copy of the submission receipt when a submission is made.

Step 3: Check the submission

Check the submission

After you have submitted, it is good practice to check that your submission has been uploaded correctly (and as you would expect).

  1. To check your submission, open the submission point. Then select the attempt submitted.Bb example submitted work link. Under the attempts subheading there is a '1 submitted'
  2. Then select the Attempt (submission).

Image shows 'Sumbission' as a header with the FInal Grade and Attempt 1 underneath with a 'not graded' message to the right.

  1. In the Submission Content area, check the video loads and plays as expected.
  2. The Blackboard submission receipt is confirmation that you have successful submitted. However, it is not confirmation the submission displaying and loading correctly.

Image shows an 'Assignment submitted'. Details include date and time of submission, submission size and confirmation number.. Below this is a view submission button as well as edit original and replace.

Please ensure you check details such as the submission size in the receipt- that this is as expected. In particular, that there has been no error during upload resulting in an issue such as an empty document upload (the submission size would say ‘0 bytes’ if this had occurred).

Updated on 21/02/2024

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