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Turnitin: upload a document and view / download a report in Blackboard Ultra

Please read the guidance or watch the video below on how to upload an assignment to Turnitin, view an originality report online, and download an originality report.

Upload an assignment to Turnitin
Upload to Turnitin
Navigate to HYMS Turnitin Tutorial

To perform these steps, do not navigate to any location other than the submission points on the HYMS Turnitin Tutorial course in HYMS Blackboard (as explained below). Do not navigate to an actual live submission point for your course. You cannot access Turnitin that way.

  1. Click on the following link to access HYMS Blackboard Learn Ultra: https://blackboard.hyms.ac.uk
  2. Authentication is via HYMS Office 365 account details. Please access the following link to further guidance: log in to HYMS Blackboard.
    Blackboard sign in page
  3. Upon successfully logging in, you will then be redirected back to the new HYMS Blackboard Learn Ultra homepage. Click on courses on the new left-hand Ultra base navigation menu. Search and select the HYMS Turnitin Tutorial course.navigation menu
  4. Navigate to the submission points section on the HYMS Turnitin Tutorial course content homepage. *Please firstly work through the other sections of this course sequentially. If you have successfully completed the Turnitin Test you will see multiple example submission points visible in this area. If not, you will need to go back to the Turnitin Test and complete it with a 100% pass mark. You can retake the test until you manage to achieve this score.Ultra turnitin submission points
  5. Once you have successfully completed the Turnitin Test as explained above, you will see submission points under the submission point section. Ultra turnitin submission points
  6. Select a submission point and then select launch.Ultra Turnitin submission points
  7. Click on upload submissionUltra Turnitin upload submission
  8. Select your document, then select upload/review.Turnitin upload submission
  9. Then select submit to Turnitin.
  10. You will then see a successful submission message and will see your submission listed on a dashboard. Please now proceed to the next step to view your report online.Turnitin successful upload message
View online
View a report online
  1. Once you have a similarity percentage listed against your submission, click on the similarity percentage figure to view your similarity report. The report will appear in a new pop out window. Turnitin upload similarity percentage

    It may take several minutes or a little longer for your similarity percentage to appear. You can try refreshing the page to check if it has finished processing.

  2. If there are any matches, relevant parts of the text will be highlighted. Matched sources will be numbered. You can click on a number to see a pop-out of the matched text in the context of an identified source.Turnitin originality report
  3. Turnitin originality reportYou will see an option to expand the view or link out to the source material online if available.
  4. From the side menu, click on the similarity percentage to see the match overview. If there are any matches, you will see a breakdown of the percentage match for each source that has matched. You can further click on a source and the document viewer will jump to the relevant part of the text. Different sources will be colour coded in different colours.
  5. Click on the arrow to the right-hand side of the source to see a breakdown of how many matches have been found for each source, and further click on matches to see them further highlighted in the text.

Download a report
  1. screenshot of download icon in Turnitin reportClick on the download icon to download the current view of the similarity report in a PDF format. The download will be a snapshot of the current view of the submission you have open. For large files, it may take a few minutes to download.
  2. You can now open your downloaded report.Turnitin originality report

Please note that the downloaded report will not have any of the interactive features that were available online. It will provide a static version of the highlighted sources in the text and a summary of the primary matching sources on the last page (see image above). It will not include the full breakdown of all matches within sources.

Further guidance

For further support, you can refer to the other resources available from the tutorial course or contact the Learning Enhancement and Support team directly at help@hyms.ac.uk 

Updated on 25/08/2023

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