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Blackboard Ultra: the content editor (text, files, images, multimedia and weblinks)

This guide will explain how to use the Blackboard Ultra editor to work with text and also insert files, images, multimedia and weblinks when creating course content (content such as course materials, announcements, discussions, and assignments).Text editor

Video tutorial

The following video tutorial also provides a brief overview of the editor. Please see the written guidance on this page for further detailed support – such as other methods for adding an image without a URL, and accessibility guidance. Please also note that the layout in the tutorial may vary slightly from your view of the editor.

Written guidance

Please click on the below titles for written guidance.

Work with text


Ultra text editorThere are many editing options in the editor bar. Each editor option is represented by an icon. Some options include a further drop-down list of options. The first section of options (starting from the left) allow you to alter text style, font, size, colour, bold, italics and underline. The ellipsis (three dots) reveals further options, such as strikethrough.

Adjust your browser zoom or browser window size if options are not fully displayed in the menu.

Ultra editor menuThe second section allows you to add a table, align text, add list formatting (such as numbering and bullet points), ‘undo’ an action, and remove formatting.

Best practice

It is advisable to write up a large amount of text in NotePad/ Word or similar, and then paste content into the editor. This ensures you do not lose a large amount of content if you encounter a technical issue / loss of internet connection. To avoid formatting issues, also ensure you select to paste as plain text / select to remove formatting.

The list formatting option also reveals an option to modify the spacing in the text (the letter ‘A’ in the below image).Editor spacing option


Ensure to make your text content as accessible as possible. Format text correctly as headings, sub headings and paragraphs from the text format option. When using the table option, ensure to format row and column headings as ‘headings’ in the table formatting options.

Use bullet points and lists where appropriate to help order content clearly. Use coloured text with careful consideration for accessibility. Please see our guides to further assist you in creating accessible content; help page accessibility guides.

Insert weblinks and files

Editor weblink optionSelect the link icon to insert a weblink.

You can also add a link to text you’ve already typed. Highlight the text and select the link icon.

Editor link example

Editor attach optionSelect the paperclip icon and choose the relevant document from your device to upload and insert as a link in the editor box.Editor example document

Links to course content

It is also possible to create links to certain content from the course, such as a document. In a separate window, open the item in your course and copy the link that displays in the address bar. Paste this into the editor. Select the text you have pasted and select the link option mentioned above, paste the address again into the URL field and select to save.

Add images and multimedia

Editor drag and drop image example Images

To add an image, it is possible to drag and drop an image from your device into the browser view of the editor.

It is also possible to add an image file from your device as an attachment. Select the paperclip icon and choose the relevant image from your device to upload.Editor attach option

The image will appear in the editor.
Editor example image

If you have the URL of an image hosted online, select the plus icon / then image and insert the URL.Editor image drop-down option


You can insert multimedia such as an online recording by selecting the plus icon / then media, and then insert the relevant URL.Editor image drop-down option

This will then embed the content into the editor box.Media in editor exampleIt is also possible to browse and add YouTube content directly via the option from the same drop-down list.

Check / edit saved details

To edit or check basic saved details for an image / video item, select the item and the relevant icon from the menu to see the details appear again.


Ensure to make your links, attachments, images and multimedia as accessible as possible. Ensure weblinks are clearly indicated within text and do not name links ‘click here’. Ensure attached documents have been checked for accessibility (correctly formatted, checked with accessibility checkers such as Word / PowerPoint checkers etc,.).

Enter alternative text in the item details when confirming to save / insert images and videos. Please see our guides to further assist you in creating accessible content; help page accessibility guides.

Updated on 21/02/2023

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