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What is Speaking Clinically?

The ability to make diagnoses by listening to patients describe their symptoms is one of the most fundamental skills in medicine. Speaking Clinically provides medical students with the opportunity to listen to real patients talk about their diseases, furthering students’ understanding and practice. The resource offers access to a video archive of 900 patient interviews, which together form a comprehensive learning resource of case studies on different diseases.

Within each video, patients talk frankly about their medical conditions in unrehearsed interviews. As well as video content, each case is accompanied by a synopsis and a link to further reading and theory.

Speaking Clinically was written, filmed and edited in its entirety by Professor Andy Levy, Professor emeritus at the University of Bristol.  It is run via his company Bristol Medical Pro Ltd, with support from the University. It was kindly given to the Medical Schools Council in 2020 as a resource to offer to all UK medical schools.

Access to Speaking Clinically

Speaking Clinically has been made available to all HYMS students and tutors. You will receive an automatically generated email from no-reply@speakingclinically.co.uk, asking you to activate your account.

You can access Speaking Clinically at the following link; www.speakingclinically.co.uk 

The activation email may go to your email account spam / quarantine so please look out for this in your inbox.

Updated on 15/11/2021

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