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SMOTS – Sharing a video recording with your students

This article will explain how to share a SMOTS recording with a student in your Clinical Skills group.

The SMOTs recordings for your PBL group should be shared via Microsoft OneDrive. After each recording session you will need to export the videos from SMOTs within 28 days of the recording taking place.

To share a SMOTs video with a student, follow these simple steps:

  1. To access OneDrive in your browser navigate to: https://office.com
  2. Login with your HYMS credentials (email address and password).
  3. Select OneDrive from the menu.

  1. From the menu (left hand side of the screen) select My Files. From here we recommend that you create a folder for your Clinical Skills group and then within that folder create a folder for each individual student. Create folders by clicking on the ‘New’ button in OneDrive and then click on Folder.
  2. To share a folder with your student hover over the folder you wish to share and click on the three horizontal dots – this will open a menu. From the menu, select Share.

Share OneDrive folder

  1. In the pop-up, enter the students name you wish to share the folder with –  and ensure you select the correct student from the list.Share onedrive folder
  2. Add the recordings that you have exported from SMOTS to the correct students folder. To upload  Please ensure you match the recording to the correct student
  3. Click Send – an email (including a link to the shared folder) will now be sent to the student.

Please be very careful when sharing folders and recordings. We have a number of students with very similar names, so please ensure you are sharing with the correct person

Updated on 15/09/2022

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