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Creating a student or staff survey in Microsoft OneDrive or Teams

Guide overview

  • Creating a student or staff survey in Microsoft OneDrive and in Microsoft Teams
  • Useful links to Microsoft support pages

Creating a student or staff survey in Microsoft OneDrive

screenshot of Microsoft Form app icon from OneDriveQuestion set up
  1. Log in into your Office 365 account and select the forms app
  2. Select new form
  3. Choose a title and description
  4. Choose your question (multiple choice, text based reply, ratings, date response). Select add new to add an additional question.screenshot of Microsoft Form new question option
Preview your survey
  1. screenshot of Microsoft Form preview option Select the preview option from the top right-hand corner. From here you can see how your survey looks from both a computer and a mobile. You can also try out answering your survey.
  2. Click on back to navigate back to the edit view.
  3. Check any test answers have been collated correctly by viewing them in responses.
image of open in excel option Check responses
  1. Select responses. From here you can see any test responses you have entered in preview mode. You will also navigate here to see real responses.
  2. Select to open in excel to view a full overview of all responses.
  3. Choose the summary link from the drop-down menu for the excel sheet to send a summary of the responses to a colleague.screenshot of Microsoft Form get a summary link option

Navigate back to the responses / view in excel to see the latest refreshed version of any responses / check for new responses. See below in check settings to receive notifications of new responses.

Check access and notification settingsscreenshot of Microsoft Form settings option
  1. Go to the survey menu
  2. Select settings. These settings can be specific to your survey needs. Example set up could be an internal non-anonymous student survey collecting non-sensitive information (such as checking access to resources off-campus).  Recommended settings could be only people in my organisation can respond and record name. From settings you can also choose to receive an email notification for each response. This may be a helpful reminder to check on responses.
  3. screenshot of Microsoft Form settings option Navigate to share. From here you can copy the link. This is the survey link for the survey participants. You can also check again the link is set up correctly. In this example, only people in my organisation can respond. This link could be included in a communication, such as a Blackboard announcement.
  4. Further down under share to collaborate, you can copy a link for other colleagues to edit and view the survey. Select only people in my organisation can view and edit. From here you can copy the link. You can share this link in an email with other Hull York Medical School colleagues.

If you intend to share responsibility for editing or monitoring a survey with others, it may be more appropriate to create the form in Microsoft Teams. Please see the guidance below.

Creating a student or staff survey in Microsoft Teams

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Team / Team channel
  2. Click on the plus sign at the top of a channel, to create a new tab.screenshot of Microsoft Teams new tab option
  3. Search for forms and choose the Microsoft Forms appscreenshot of Microsoft Teams Forms app option
  4. Choose to create a new form. You can then follow the steps above for creating a student or staff survey in Microsoft OneDrive, as the set up and view is the same.

You can also choose instead to share an existing form from your OneDrive. However, the Team members will not be able to edit the form.

Please see the following useful guidance from the Microsoft support pages:Create a form with Microsoft Forms (the OneDrive for Business guidance), and Work with colleagues to create, edit, and review forms in Microsoft Teams.

Updated on 23/01/2023

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