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Batch Editing Blackboard Courses

This article will explain how to Batch Edit allows you to update multiple content items in a Blackboard course. The following settings can be batch edited:

  • Date/time settings: change due dates or show/hide dates
  • Visibility settings: set items as visible or hidden
  • Delete items: permanently delete items

It is important when updating course content for the new academic year that you ensure all assignment due dates and content release dates have been updated. You can use the Batch Edit feature to do this.

Please note that the Assessment team will update the due dates for submission points.

Using Batch Edit

Follow these simple steps to update content using the Batch Edit tool:

  1. On the Course Content page, click the three dot menu on the right side above the content list. From the menu, select Batch Edit. When you select ‘Batch Edit’ a list of site content appears on the Batch Edit page, with any current date settings and visibility.
  2. At the left of the page, select the check box next to items to edit. Selecting a folder or learning module also selects all items within them. To adjust what items are selected, select the arrow to the right of the folder or learning module’s name to expand their content.

  1. At the bottom of the page, select one of the edit options: Edit Dates, Edit Visibility, Delete Items.

Edit Dates

You have four options for editing dates:

  • Change dates by number of days: Enter a number in the Shift dates forward or Shift dates backward fields. All dates for the items selected will be adjusted forward or backward based on the field and number you choose.
  • Change dates based on course start: This option adjusts all the assignment dates based upon when the course started. All dates are moved forward by the number of days between the original start date and the new start date you selected.
  • Change to specific date and/or time: You can choose to change the specific time of day for a submission.
  • Change individual item date: If you want to change only one item’s date in Batch Edit, select the calendar icon beside the item. You can now adjust the due date. You can also delete the item’s due date by selecting the trash icon beside the due date.

Select Edit Dates to confirm that you want to edit the dates for the items, or Cancel to return to the page.

Edit Visibility

You can use Batch Edit to make items hidden or visible to students. Select Edit visibility. Choose to make items hidden or visible to students. Previous visibility settings for the items are overwritten. Date and time release conditions are removed for all selected items.

Select Save Visibility to confirm that you want to change the visibility settings for the selected items, or Cancel to return to the page.

Delete Items

You can use Batch Edit to delete items from the Course Content page. Select Delete items.

Select Delete to confirm that you want to delete the items, or Cancel to return to the page.  Deleted items can’t be restored unless you have an archive file or export of the course with the items you deleted.

You can also watch Blackboard Help’s demonstration of Batch Edit.

Updated on 04/07/2024

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