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What is a Microsoft Team?

The official Microsoft Teams video training site is available here: https://tinyurl.com/teamsvids

Microsoft Teams allows you to work more effectively as a team, it offers a convenient way to share files with your colleagues and hold conversations about current progress. You can organise your conversations and files into different topics areas called Channels.

By combining the best of Skype for Business, Outlook and OneDrive it enables team collaboration by using:

  • Conversations to encourage chat within a Team, rather than email
  • Files to store your work and share within the Team
  • Channels to organise your Conversations and Files, tasks and other tools
  • Microsoft Teams app to access your work on any device

Watch this video to explore the features of Microsoft Teams:

What do I need to know?

Who can be part of a Team?

You can easily invite anyone who has a Hull York Medical School IT account. You can also invite external users by giving them guess access. For further information on Guest access click here

Teaching and Learning

  • Whilst you can add students as Members of a Team, your Team Collaboration Spaces is not intended to replace Blackboard or other teaching facilities.
  • If you are interested in helping to explore how Our University could use Office 365 and incorporate best practice in teaching and learning contact us.

Data security

  • If you’re using sensitive data supplied as part of a research contract, ensure that you are aware of the requirements of the data provider, who may not agree to datasets being stored or shared via Microsoft OneDrive or Teams

Public/Private Teams

  • You can create either Public or Private Team Collaboration Spaces. Public teams allow access all Hull York Medical School users (staff and students), so we strongly advise against creating these unless absolutely necessary. Private teams are only visible to users who have been invitated to participate. You will need to be a Member or Owner of a Team to participate.
Updated on 03/10/2020

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