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Physician Associate PBL / CS  peer appraisal tool guide

Online PBL / CS peer appraisal forms will be available to students via Blackboard. The tool allows you to complete an appraisal form for each member of your PBL and / or CS group, a self appraisal and also a tutor appraisal form.

How to complete your peer appraisals

The link to access the peer appraisal tool can be found in the following course area of Blackboard:

  • HYMS Physician Associate Year 1: Introductory Medicine / Evaluation. The link is in the file named  PBL/CS Appraisals.
  1. Click on the peer appraisal tool link. When you click on the link you will see a personalised message telling you how many appraisal forms you need to complete, along with a link to access the forms.
  2. Select a member of your PBL / CS group to review from the drop-down list (once reviewed the students will be removed from the list).Once you have selected a group member, click submit to access the peer appraisal form.
  3. Once you have completed a form, click on submit.
  4. You will receive the following response when the form has been successfully completed:
  5. You will need to complete this cycle until appraisals have been completed for all members of the PBL and / or CS  group.
    Once peer appraisals have been completed you will first be prompted to complete a self assessment, and then finally a tutor assessment.
  6. Once all of the required appraisals have been completed you will see the following message:

Please note that it is mandatory to answer all questions, including final free text areas. Forms cannot be submitted until all of the questions have been completed. It is also worth noting that once submitted forms cannot be amended. Remember that completion of all forms and associated activities is a requirement for progression.

If you experience any issues using the peer review tool please use a machine connected to the HYMS network.

Updated on 16/12/2019

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