Outlook On / Off campus

Outlook on campus

Connecting Outlook 2016 to your Office 365 Mailbox for the first time.

Start Outlook 2016

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish – you should now see your mailbox. Note it may take a short while to populate folders and calendars.

Outlook off campus

You can download Outlook as part of your HYMS account, see the installation guide.

If You have logged in to your system with a Microsoft account, Outlook will automatically assume this is the account you want to use so will pre-fill the boxes.

Click on Connect

Enter your HYMS password and click on the Remember my credentials tick box so you’re not repeatedly asked for your password

At this stage you can also add another account to Outlook with the same process. Click on Done when finished

Outlook will now set itself up and you should see your inbox when finished.

Updated on 05/14/2020

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