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Video Conferencing Making a Call

For an up to date list of all Hull York Medical School Lifesize video conferencing extension numbers please use the following link (login required):


Please note that any video conference between HYMS and an external party (including University of Hull/University of York) must be via one of HYMS’ virtual rooms. Please contact HYMS reception on 0870 1245 500 to book a virtual room

  • All rooms are able to both make & accept calls to rooms in the directory (external parties see below).
  • We recommend you make a test call at least several days before any important meetings, in order to make sure your meeting runs smoothly.
  • Book the room(s) before you make any calls

One to One meetings

  • Internal (HYMS to HYMS) – select the room you wish to connect to from the directory or Meetings area for Virtual rooms – all rooms should have some laminated help-sheets if not download the Lifesize Help Guide
  • External to HYMS – Contact the person who is administering the Video Conference call whereupon they will give you the required information to connect to the correct virtual room.

Note that virtual rooms are auto-answer, all other rooms require a participant to answer the call.

Multi-way conference

  • You will need to arrange to meet in a HYMS Virtual Meeting room. (Book the rooms)
  • On the meetings list scroll down to the Virtual Rooms and select the one you’ve arranged to meet in.
  • Layouts can be altered from the Lifesize menu.
  • Multi-Conferencing help document

Remember each participant must end their call to leave the room otherwise the call will still be active.

Updated on 10/09/2019

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