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Teams mobile app – installation and key features and functionality

Guide overview

This guide will explain how to install the Microsoft Teams mobile app and highlight some key features and functionality.

Guest Team members can also use the Microsoft Teams app on their phone but with some limitations in functionality (as with the Desktop app).

Login Teams app

Install the app

Please click on the following links to install Teams.

After successful download you will need to log in with your Hull York Medical School login details (username in the format hyxxxx@hyms.ac.uk + HYMS password).

To sign out of the app, go to the menu in the top left-hand corner /settings / sign out.

We cannot guarantee that all device models / versions will be able to successfully install / use the Teams app. Please see the Apple and Play store sites directly for further guidance, or search online for detailed guidance for your particular device model.

Key features and functionality

The mobile app possess almost all of the same key features and functionality as the desktop app, allowing for a largely seamless switch between working on either. Chat, video call meetings, file sharing and real-time work are all possible.

Teams, activity feed, chat and files

Teams layout appYou can see the full list of Teams you are associated with and access all content.

You can navigate through the Teams menu bar between activity feed, chat, teams, assignments, and calendar.Teams app menu bar


From a Team you can access files by clicking on files, and upload files by clicking on the plus sign.

Teams file upload

Teams PowerPoint app

Zoom in and out of content

You can also pinch in or out to zoom, and tap and drag to see different areas of content.


Teams notifications settingsYou can set up your notifications from the main menu in the top left-hand corner of the app. Please also see further Microsoft support pages regarding notifications at the following link; notifications for Teams mobile app.





Video call and share content

You can join a video call meeting and also choose to share content. Select more options from the menu bar in a meeting (the three dots). Then select share, then choose from photo, video, PowerPoint, screen and Whiteboard. 

Teams meeting app


Teams app share optionTeams app share option

Join from your phone alongside another device

If you are already in a meeting with your laptop or computer, you can stay connected and additionally join with your phone to, for example, share content stored there.

Further guidance

Please also click on the below links to further relevant guides.

Updated on 03/11/2021

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