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The official Microsoft Teams video training site is available here:

As a Member or Owner you can access your Team using a web browser, mobile or desktop app. Within your Team is a number of different options from the main menu:


Check the Activity to catch up with what’s been happening in Teams whilst you’ve been away or where you have been mentioned in a conversation.


Chat allows you to use using Instant Messaging with your colleagues, similar to Skype for Business, but within the Teams app.

  • Chat (Microsoft help)


This is the heart of the Teams app, where you can collaborate with your colleagues. You will see a list of all the Teams you are a member of. You can join in conversations, work on you files and use other tools.

Within each Team you can use features including:


A Channel is a way to organise your Team. For example you could label these as different elements of a project you are working on or activities of your department or team.

  1. To access a Channel, choose the Teams icon
  2. The channels within a Team are listed on the left hand side
  3. You can also create a Channel or access a Channel that someone else in your team has created.

See Microsoft help for Work in Channels


When you click on a Channel you will initially see the Conversation tab. This is where you can chat with your colleagues (similar to Instant Messages in Skype for Business), but the messages are visible to all Members of the Team.

You can mention someone to draw their attention to your post. Mentioning people is a key difference for collaborating people, instead of writing them an email and choosing them in the To: field

Type @ followed by their name, surname or username. A list of members which match what you have typed will appear. Click on the person to mention them. When you post the message the people you mention will receive a notification within Activity.


By default Conversations and Files tabs are shown in each Channel. You can add other Tabs by clicking on the + at the end of the row of tabs, to pin important documents or enable other features.


Within meetings you can see the Teams calendar overlaid with your personal calendar. Here you can schedule a meeting with everyone in your Team.


This is an overview of all the files you have in Office 365 including your OneDrive and the files you have access to in your Teams. You can search for any file or view files you have worked on recently.


This is a feature not currently in use and may be explored as we consider the use of Office 365 for teaching and learning.

Please also see the below video tutorial for an introductory overview of the interface for Teams.

Updated on 05/15/2020

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