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Using FindTime to Schedule Meetings

Getting started with FindTime

FindTime has already been installed for you, so you can use this through either the desktop or web version of Outlook.

Using FindTime with the web version of Outlook

When composing a new email, you can select the three small dots in the bottom row of tools which will bring up additional options. In this screen, you will see the option to select FindTime.

FindTime toolbar option

After you have added at least one recipient, FindTime will display potential meeting times which you can customise. Invitees are categorised as “Required” and “Optional”. If someone is Cc’ed on the email, then their name will populate under the “Optional” tab, if they’re in the ‘to’ field, then they’ll be filed under “Required”.

FindTime availability options

From this view, you can mouse over the small green icons of people to see who is available (green,) tentatively busy (orange,) or unavailable (orange.) After selecting some potential meeting times that work (just click on them, you can pick as many as you’d like), click Next. You’ll be given the option to insert the FindTime proposal into your email. After doing so, an embedded FindTime window of proposed meeting times will appear in your message. After the email is sent, recipients will be able to vote on the meeting times that work best for them and the time with the most votes can be selected. Before sending your message out, you can edit the proposed meeting options and change the nature of the meeting, input a meeting location or room number, and also edit the notification settings by selecting Meeting Settings.

Using FindTime from the Outlook desktop application

To use FindTime from the Outlook desktop application, after selecting New Email, choose the New Meeting Poll FindTime button from the ribbon at the top of the screen.

FindTime new poll option

After you have added at least one recipient, FindTime will display potential meeting times which you can customise and the process will look exactly as it does above.

Responding to a FindTime invitation

Once the email has been sent out, you and your recipients can look at the message and vote on a time. Do so by clicking on Select Options. A new window, FindTime Voting, will open up in an adjacent tab by default.

First, you must identify who you are before you vote. Do so by clicking on the name and email address associated with your Connect account under ‘Who Are You?”.

If your name isn’t on the list, you can click Add Yourself to join the meeting voting system. Just fill in your name and email address and you’ll be then allowed to vote on your preferred times.

This is what the voting page looks like (see screenshot below). You can select your preferred time, times that you can and can’t make, and even vote down at the bottom of the page that none of the times work for you, and add other options that do.

FindTime vote options

Once you select your preferred times, click Submit.

After everyone has voted on their favorite meeting time, you’ll receive an invite through Outlook confirming the most voted on time for your meeting.

Further support

Further information is available on the Microsoft support site

Updated on 06/16/2020

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