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User guide to Blackboard MyGrades

Grades and results for assignments, quizzes, exams and online formatives are released through the Blackboard tool my grades.

Accessing graded work

Click on the my grades tab from your Blackboard homepage

  1. Select all courses
  2. Select the relevant course
  3. Click on graded on the filter to the right of the screen
  4. You can now view the graded work

Graded assignments

If it is an assignment and there is a rubric attached, you can select view rubric. A pop-out window will appear with the rubric detail.

You can also double click on the area around the assignment title to be taken to the original submission point (you can also go directly to the original submission point via the associated Blackboard course).

Here you will have access to the coursework that you uploaded as well as grading and feedback / any rubric feedback. If there is a rubric associated with the assignment, you can access it by clicking on the rubric icon in the pink attempt box.

Online formative results

Clicking on your score will load the entire test, including your answers, the correct answers and any question feedback / commentary.  You will only be able to access a previous formative test if you attempted and submitted the test when it was originally live.

Access to answers for MBBS formative / end of block quizzes is only possible if the quiz was accessed and completed before the deadline. PDF copies of test questions are also made available on Blackboard by the assessments team. These PDF copies do not include answers and will also only be available to a student if the test was completed before the deadline.


You can also click on quizzes in the same manner and can review the correct answers and feedback. To review your test attempt and see which questions you got right and wrong, click on your test result score. This will take you to a full list displaying your question attempts.

Some grades and exam results may only show a number that relates to your performance and will not link to additional content.

Accessing submitted work and submission receipts

  1. Select all courses
  2. Select the relevant course
  3. Click on submitted on the filter to the right of the screen. You can now view submitted work.
  4. Click on submission receipts to view the receipts for submitted work.

You should also receive submission email receipts at the time of submission and can also navigate to original submission points in relevant Blackboard courses to see submitted work.

Updated on 14/05/2020

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