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User guide to Blackboard tests / quizzes

Guide overview

Tests and quizzes can be useful to check your comprehension, reinforce learning or as a revision aid.

This guide will explain how to

  • access a test / quiz
  • answer questions and submit answers
  • view scores / corrected answers
Formatives guidance

Specific guidance relating to MB BS formative tests is also available. Please access the relevant help page at the following link; online formatives guide.

Access a test

Access a test
  1. Blackboard tests can be found in various locations on courses; within resource learning units, assessment folders and in weekly course content folders etc. Navigate to the relevant Blackboard course and click on the link to the relevant test.Blackboard test link
  2. Click on begin in the bottom right-hand corner of the test page view.Blackboard test begin button
Test instructions and visibility

  • Read any instructions / test description carefully as test settings vary. For example, some tests are only visible at certain times, have a deadline or may require you to complete in one sitting.
  • If you cannot find the relevant link, the test may have been set up to become visible at only certain times or to certain groups of students. Please contact the test or course administrator if you cannot find a test link you were expecting to see.

Answer test questions and submit answers

Answer questions and submit answers

Question types may vary. The following image details where to insert answers for multiple choice questions (MCQ) (1) and extended matching questions (EMQ) (2). Please click on the following link for detailed explanations of question types; Blackboard help site.

Example Blackboard test questions









Individual answers auto-save whilst you stay on the open test page. However, you can also click on save answer / saved to be certain content is saved.Blackboard test save answer button

Note that the number of points awarded may also be indicated (depending on the set up of the test).Blackboard test points To confirm your answers, click on save and submit in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.Blackboard test save and submit button Once you have submitted your answers, you will see a confirmation of submission.Blackboard test submission confirmation

Further essential guidance

  • Do not navigate away from the test or save your answers to complete later. Do not refresh the page, close the window, or click the browser’s back button. There is a risk of loss of work or the test submitting your answers as final (this can occur if the test has been set up to only allow you to access it once).
  • Depending on the test settings, you may not have another chance to modify your answers so please ensure you are happy that you have answered all questions and to the best of your ability before selecting save and submit.
  • Be careful when using the arrow keys on your keyboard as it is also possible to input answers with these (for accessibility purposes).
  • Complete any tests well in advance of any deadlines in case you encounter any unforeseen issues or need to contact a member of staff.
  • Please ensure you have a good internet connection before starting a test and do not attempt to take a test via the Blackboard student app.

View scores / corrected answers

Scores / corrected answers

Depending on test settings, you may see an option to see corrections immediately. After submitting your answers, click on OK in the bottom right-hand corner of the confirmation of submission page to review results.

You may see corrections alongside your answers in the test view. How you are scored and how much feedback you receive can vary between tests and may be explained in the instructions and descriptions of tests.

Blackboard test marked answerYou can navigate back to a test via MyGrades or the original test link to access results / scores again, or for the first time if the set up of the test means they will be released at a later date. Please also refer to the following link for guidance on Blackboard MyGrades; user guide to MyGrades.

Updated on 07/01/2022

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