Upcoming Changes to MFA

Improvements to Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Please note:

These improvements to MFA will be implemented on Monday 9th January 2023.

Hull York Medical School will introduce two changes to how Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) works with the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app. These changes are being introduced to improve security, by making it easier for you to see the details of any MFA request against your HYMS account and, also reducing the chance of you accepting a MFA request sent by a hacker trying to access your account.

1. Additional Content

With Additional content you will receive extra details about the MFA request including who has made the request, the geographical location and the application that has requested MFA. This gives you a much greater insight into whether you should accept the MFA request. Below is an example screenshot from the MS Authenticator app running on a phone:

A screenshot to showcase the function of number matching within the MS Authenticator Mobile App

2. Number matching

Number matching means that when you are asked to approve an MFA request upon logging in to https://office.com, it will show you a code (in this example 83). Within the MS Authenticator App you will need to type in the same number to approve the sign in:

A screenshot to show how number matching works

Reviewing who has accessed your HYMS account

By logging into https://mysignins.microsoft.com/ you can access a history of your previous sign-ins. This includes the same application and geographical information as listed in Additional Content above. Please contact help@hyms.ac.uk if you spot any unrecognised logins.

Updated on 05/12/2022

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