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Submitting your MyShowcase Portfolio

This article takes you through how to submit your MyShowcase portfolio. Once you have finished your portfolio you will need to publish it and submit the portfolio link to Blackboard.

  1. To publish your portfolio, simply click the publish button (paper aeroplane) in the top right of the portfolio.
  2. Read the statement and click Publish.

  1. You now have the option to share you Showcase – you don’t want to do this at this stage so click on Cancel.
  2. On the MyShowcases page, you will now see that your portfolio has been published. It will have a green tick next to it – see below.

  1. Make sure the Public showcase option is ticked. You must ensure that your showcase is public before submitting. By default, it is not public.
  2. Click on the eye icon to preview your portfolio. Copy the URL from the browser address bar – this is what you will submit to Blackboard.
  3. Go to the Blackboard assignment and submit your link. On the assignment submission page, click Write Submission and paste the link to your portfolio here.
  4. Maker sure the link you have posted is active – you may have to select the text and click the link icon in the text editor. Paste the link to your portfolio into the link path field and click insert.
  5. Click submit to complete the process – you will receive an email receipt of your submission.
Updated on 03/12/2019

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