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Sending Suspect Mail messages to IT Support to investigate – Using Webmail

In order for HYMS IT Support to investigate mail messages. For example if a message has not been delivered or you believe a message is a phishing message.

Could you please follow this guide so:

  • we have a copy of the message.
    NOTE if the message is of a sensitive nature then instead of copying the message to us please give details like:
    From, To, Date, Time, Subject (if possible).
  • A copy of the message headers which tell us how the message has be transported from the sender to the recipient.

Step 1 – Put the message to be investigated in an email

  1. Login into the Outlook app using  https://outlook.office.com
  2. Start a new message.
  3. (if needed) Move and resize the window so you can see your messages list.
  4. Select the email that you want to forward.
  5. Drag it and drop it into the body of your new message.

Step 2 – Copy the full message headers of the message

  1. Open the email message to be investigated by double clicking it.
  2. Click on the down arrow next to
  3. Click on the item View message details.
  4. Click in the message Details section then press Ctrl+A to select all
  5. This can be Copied (Ctrl+C) and pasted (Ctrl+P) into the message you created in step 1. the message.

Step 3 – Tell us why you are sending us the message

Within you mail message tell us why the message needs investigating. E.g.

  • You believe this is a phishing email
  • The message you sent has not been delivered to a recipient.

Step 4 – Send the message to the following two recipients

help@hyms.ac.uk  – This will create a helpdesk ticket

mailcheck@hyms.ac.uk – This is a special account we use to investigate message

Updated on 05/20/2019

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