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Record of Achievement


The purpose of the electronic Record of Acheivement (RoA) is primarily to underpin student formative development and secondarily to document progress and to document participation.

Student responsibilities

The RoA is the student’s responsibility and a completed RoA is a requiment for progression and to enter the end of year summative assessments.

Tutor responsibilities

You should expecy your tutor to complete your entries in a timely fashion with your assistance and you should expect honest feedback that can be used to help your development

Accessing the RoA

Students and tutors can access the RoA either by using the link within Blackboard (https://blackboard.hyms.ac.uk) or by accessing RoA directly using the following url: https://roa.hyms.ac.uk

Further support

  • For academic queries please contact your tutor / supervisor
  • For eRoA support please contact roa@hyms.ac.uk
  • For technical queries please contact help@hyms.ac.uk
Updated on 02/15/2019

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