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Blackboard: publishing exam results

Overview of the process

This process is not for results that already exist in the grade centre.

To upload and publish a single column of results you need to:

  • first create an empty column in the grade centre, in the appropriate Blackboard course
  • download the column as a tab-delimited text file and open as an Excel spreadsheet
  • enter the results into the spreadsheet
  • upload the results to the new grade centre column as a tab-delimited text file from the Excel spreadsheet
  • publish results

An additional step if required:

  • modify results

The process needs to be repeated for additional columns of results.

Please do not upload results without creating a corresponding column first. Otherwise Blackboard will create a spontaneous column that will be immediately visible to students. The process explained here gives you the opportunity to hide the column from students prior to upload.

Please see the step-by-step guidance below.

Step 1: Create the corresponding empty column in the grade centre

  1. Navigate to the full view of the grade centre
  2. Click on create column 
  3. Enter the title of your results in column name
  4. Select a relevant primary display (such as score or text)
  5. Enter a value in points possible (this is a required field, it is possible to enter ‘0’ if a score does not apply)
  6. Select no for all settings in options  
  7. Click submit
  8. success confirmation banner will appear back on the full grade centre view 
  9. Check the column is now in the grade centre and is hidden from students. It should have a red diagonal line next to the column title.



Especially ensure no is selected for show this column to students. Otherwise results will be visible to students immediately upon upload.

Step 2 : Download the column

  1. Navigate to work offline in the full grade centre view (top right-hand corner of the grade centre)
  2. Click on download in the drop-down menu
  3. From the download grades page, under data, select download selected column. Choose your column from the drop-down menu.
  4. Under options select tab for delimiter type
  5. Under save location choose to save to my computer
  6. Click submit and then download on the next page

Step 3 : Enter results into the downloaded spreadsheet

  1. Open the downloaded Excel sheet. Should you receive a warning message regarding the file being potentially corrupted or unsafe, click on yes to continue and open anyway.
  2. Enter your data into your column
  3. To export the results, save as text (tab delimited). Should you receive a  warning message asking if you want to save in this format, click on yes to continue.

Please do not modify the title of your column or modify the username column. The usernames ensure that the correct results are seen by the correct student. This should be the first column in the spreadsheet and must be populated with the students’ HYMS network identifier e.g., hy7abc. Delete all other columns so as to avoid accidentally modifying existing data on upload.  It best not to download the whole grade centre for this reason. It is essential that the Excel spreadsheet is left formatted correctly, and does not contain any erroneous or additional data.

Step 4: Upload the results

  1. Navigate back to the grade centre full view
  2. Locate the work offline option. Click on upload in the drop-down menu
  3. Upload your spreadsheet and choose tab delimited file. Click submit.
  4. You will see a preview of your data.
  5. Check the data looks correct and that your spreadsheet column has matched your grade centre column. Click on submit.
  6. success confirmation banner with the number of total grades uploaded  will appear back on the full grade centre.
  7. Locate your column on the full grade centre and check the data appears as you expected and that the column is hidden from students (red diagonal bar next to the title).


Step 5: Publish results

  1. Navigate to the drop-down menu on your column and select hide from students (on/off). You will no longer see the red diagonal bar next to the column title. Students will immediately see their results in my grades.


Additional step: Modify results

You can modify your results in your saved spreadsheet on your computer and then follow step 4 and  5 again.  Do not change any formatting or  column names. They need to remain identical otherwise you will create duplicate columns/ could unintentionally modify other grade centre data.

Ensure your column remains hidden on grade centre during this additional step, allowing for you to check all data looks as you expect.

Updated on 03/18/2019

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