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Overview of Video Conferencing in HYMS

HYMS uses two products to provide Video Conferencing across the organisations sites at both Universities and all the NHS hospitals. These products are Lifesize Cloud and Skype for Business. The core of the video conferencing is provided by 31 Lifesize video conferencing units which are based in the following sites:

  • University of York (6 VC’s)
  • University of Hull (5 HYMS VC’s, plus additional University of Hull(UoH) units)
  • York Hospital (4 VC’s)
  • Scarborough Hospital (3 VC’s)
  • Castle Hill Hospital (4 VC’s)
  • Hull Royal Infirmary (3 VC’s)
  • Scunthorpe General Hospital (3 VC’s)
  • Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital (3 VC’s)

What is Lifesize Cloud?

Lifesize Cloud brings together room based Video/Audio Conferencing and PC/Web/Mobile Devices Video/Audio Conferencing into one system.

The highlights are:

  • Easy connectivity with another organisations room based video conferencing (SIP/H323)
  • Works with any standards based Video Conferencing system
  • Works with Skype for Business
  • Allows audio conferencing with local numbers in all regions of the world
  • Easily allows up to 50-way multi-conferences
  • Central Directory with presence information. I.E. You know when a room is being used
  • Is available for install on University of York(UoY) and University of Hull PC’s(UoH)

What is Skype for business

It is Microsoft communications platform used by HYMS that allows you to interact with your contacts using instant messaging (IM), audio and video conversations. It works alongside and can connect to HYMS Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing devices and Virtual meeting rooms. It integrates well with Outlook to both record details of your communications and change your presence information. E.g. if you are in a meeting in Outlook it will change your presence in Skype to busy.

What are the benefits of using Skype for Business and Lifesize Cloud together?

  • Lifesize Cloud has state of the art multi-conferencing facilities
  • Lifesize Cloud has a better software for use in the NHS. Its new Windows application and web applications do not require administrator rights to install.
  • Lifesize Web based clients (Chrome/IE) are better.
  • Lifesize Cloud Mobile device software for Android and iOS are much better
  • Skype for Business is licensed and can be used by all HYMS Staff and students.
  • As everybody can use Skype for Business it makes the better Instant Messaging product (IM)
  • Is installed by default on all University of York(UoY) and University of Hull PC’s(UoH)
Updated on 04/09/2019

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