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OpenCampus Phase I Portfolio: Completing the Year 2 Longitudinal Clerkship

This article will explain how to complete the Year 2 Longitudinal Clerkship within OpenCampus.

Your year two longitudinal case study is an opportunity to work closely with a patient experiencing a longer-term condition, including primary mental health conditions, and learn about both its physical and psychological impact.

Through the project we hope that you will get to know one patient more closely, seeing them on at least three occasions over the course of the year. You will be expected to submit a summary / reflection after each interaction (up to a maximum of 3) with this patient. At the end of the process you’ll be required to complete a report on your Longitudinal Clerkship.

This experience in Year 2 will begin to prepare you for clinical experience in Phase II and for further longitudinal case studies which you will undertake in that Phase.

To complete the relevant forms follow the below simple steps.

  1. To access OpenCampus in your browser click on the following link: https://opencampus.hyms.ac.uk/

OpenCampus URL

  1. Log in with your HYMS email address (username) and password.
  2. From the menu (on the left-hand side) select portfolio. This is will take you to your portfolio page where you will see all the outstanding portfolio items you need to complete. The status filter on the page will be set to action required.
  3. Click on the Year 2 – Longitudinal Case Study tab at the top of the page. You should now see the first entry form (entitled Longitudinal Case Study Entry One).Longitudinal Case Study tab
  4. Click on edit to open the form.

Longitudinal Case Study form

  1. Now complete the form. You’re required to enter the date the consultation took place as well as a summary of the discussion.

Longitudinal Case Study form

  1. Select the tutor who you wish to send this to. By default, this should display your assigned primary care clinical placement tutor. You can change this if needed by typing a different tutor name in the tutor field.

    Make sure you select the correct tutor before submitting. You will not be able to edit the tutor field after submitting the form.  If the tutor name does not appear at first, check the spelling is correct and type slowly.

  2. Click submit to complete this entry. Once you have submitted this form, the second form will be available for you to complete (entitled Longitudinal Case Study Entry Two).

This will now be marked within your portfolio as actioned required by tutor. Once your tutor has acknowledged your completion of this it will be marked as complete.

Remember, you can use the filters on your portfolio page to organise the forms by action required, complete, and action required by tutor.

After you have submitted your third entry, you will be required to submit a report about your Longitudinal Clerkship.

Updated on 09/02/2022

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