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OpenCampus: Completing a Clinical Placement review form

This article will explain how to complete a clinical placement review form.

Clinical placement reviews are timetabled in both year 1 and 2 of the programme. You will be required to complete two clinical placement reviews during the academic year.

The workflow for the clinical placement review form is as follows:

  • You will provide an overview of your development within clinical placement. This should be completed before your timetabled clinical placement review session.
  • Your tutor will provide you with a grade and feedback.
  • In the timetabled clinical placement review session, you will discuss this feedback with your tutor and agreed a series of development needs. Your tutor will then submit the form.
  • The final step is for you to confirm that the details/feedback on the form are a true reflection of the discussion you had with your clinical placement tutor.

To complete a clinical skills review form, follow these simple steps:

  1. To access OpenCampus in your browser navigate to: https://hyms.cloud.opencampus.net/
  2. Login with your HYMS username and password
  3. From the menu (on the left-hand side) select Portfolio. This is will take you to your portfolio page where you will see all the outstanding portfolio items you need to complete. The status filter on the page will be set to Action required.
  4. Select edit next to the review reflection form you wish to complete.This will open the form. In this example, we will complete a Clinical Placement review form.
  5. At the top of this form, you will see a list of all your End of Block reflections. The status column will indicate if the End of Block reflection has been completed.
  6. Underneath this you will see your absence record.
  7. Now provide an overview of your development in relation to clinical placement. You have the option to save your reflection and come back to it if you wish.
  8. Select the tutor who will facilitate your clinical placement review. By default, this should display your assigned secondary care tutor. However, you can change this if another tutor is completing your review. For example, this review might be completed with your primary care tutor or another tutor from secondary care.
  9. Click Submit to complete your section of the form. This will now be made available to your tutor who will add a grade and feedback.

If you now change the status on your Portfolio page to ‘Awaiting tutor action’ you will see this form here. Once the review session has taken place, the final step in the process is for you to confirm that the details on the form are a true reflection of the discussion and that you agree with the development needs.

  1. The form will reappear (on your Action required page after your tutor has complete the remaining sections of the form) for you to acknowledge. This is your opportunity to confirm that the feedback on the form is an accurate representation of what was discussed in the face-to-face meeting. To do this click on edit to view this form.
  2. Read the feedback from your tutor. At the end of the form you should see the following statement:Select the tick box to agree with the statement.
  3. To complete the process, click the Submit button. This will now be marked within your Portfolio as Complete.

Remember, you can use the filters on your Portfolio page to organise the forms by action required, complete and actioned required by tutor to provide grade and comments.

Updated on 11/22/2019

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