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Marking phase I SSiP essays and reflective essays

Phase I SSiP essays and reflective essays are marked online in the HYMS Blackboard via the grade centre. Please see the video tutorial or written guidance below to provide overall feedback and a grade.

The video below refers to marking Phase I reflective essays. This process is the same for Phase I SSiP essays.

In the video below you are instructed to click on the grade centre, then your PBL group name. Instead of your PBL group name, you now need to click on assignment. You will then see a list of all students and can locate your students alphabetically. Hiding / revealing grades is also generally not managed by PBL tutors.

Video tutorial

Thank you for your work at Hull York Medical School – it is much appreciated!

Written guidance

  1. Please log in to Blackboard. You will need your HYMS username and password. If you have difficulty logging in, please email help@hyms.ac.uk for assistance.
  2. From your Blackboard homepage, navigate to the appropriate course (HYMS MBBS Year 1 or Year 2 for reflective essays, or the relevant SSiP centre for Phase I SSiP essays)
  3. On the left-hand navigation panel of the course, click on grade centre, under course management
  4. Click on assignments
  5. You will now see a table with a column listing all student names, as well as columns for assignments on that course.
  6. Find the name of the student whose work you wish to mark. Find the corresponding column for the reflective essay / SSiP essay. Hover over the yellow exclamation mark (that indicates there is an essay to mark).
  7. From the drop-down menu select the latest attempt (the latest version of the essay uploaded by the student). If the student submitted more than one attempt on the same date the most recent submission will be at the bottom of the menu
  8. You should now be directed to that student’s reflective essay / SSiP essay on the inline grading page.  On the right side of the page you can see hyperlinks to the student’s assignment document, which can be downloaded. 
  9. Grade the assignment by entering a numeric value into the pink attempt box, to the right of the screen. The black attempt box will automatically populate with your grade after you complete the further steps below.                                                                                                                                

    Please do not manually enter anything into the black attempt box. This box is used by the assessments team to manually modify grades for reasons such as late submission penalties. Entering a value here will incorrectly flag grades up as overridden and also potentially as still needing an original grade by the marker. 

  10. The marking schema for the Phase 1 reflective essay / SSiP essay requires you to mark out of four, with four being the highest mark and one being the lowest:
  11. Provide overall feedback. Click on the downward facing arrow just below the pink attempt box, to the right of the page. 
  12. You will now see the feedback to learner box. Provide feedback here.
  13. Now select submit to finish and submit your grading.

    It is advisable to submit your grading in one sitting rather than using save draft to return to grading at a later time. This is to avoid any chance of accidentally not saving draft grading or forgetting to return to finish submitting final grades.

  14. The page will automatically progress to the next student in the alphabetical list. Please note this may not be one of your students, so to return to the list of students, click on exit

Thank you for your work at Hull York Medical School – it is much appreciated!

Updated on 04/23/2019

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