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HYMS Remote Desktop

If you are on a NHS desktop PC you can access the HYMS desktop directly without the need for the portal or VPN.

Click on your the search icon next to the windows button…

Then type mstsc in the box and press the enter key

You should now see the Remote Desktop box below,

Click on the Show Options button to enter the details below.

The important credentials to enter are the computer: desktop.hyms.ac.uk

And your username in the form: HYMS\hyabc.

You can save the options to your desktop if you wish by clicking on the Save or Save As buttons.

Clicking on the Connect button will start the Remote Desktop session.

Occasionally you may be asked to provide your details a second time depending upon where you are connecting from.

Once in the session you can disconnect anytime by clicking on the Start button and selecting Log Off

Note clicking on the X on the top tab will only disconnect the session so programs will remain open or running until you re-connect.

Updated on 03/06/2020

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