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HYMS Portal service

Please note this service is only available to HYMS University employed staff and members of the SLO Teams at the NHS sites. Along with the HYMS Remote Desktop this service will soon be entering End of Life (EOL)  

Where Can You Access It From?

Anywhere that allows access to the website https://portal.hyms.ac.uk
NOTE: For services other than HYMS Website Access and Basic File Access you will need Administrative Access to your device.

What Can I Access?

HYMS provides a service that allows remote access to the following four service areas from the Internet:

  • HYMS Websites
  • Basic File Access
  • Remote Desktop – This is a remote version of your HYMS desktop PC and allows access to:
  1. HYMS applications. Some application may not be available to licensing restrictions.
  2. The HYMS file store (J: Drive, K: Drive etc.)
  3. Printing (HYMS NHS Sites only)

What Devices Can I Use?

Microsoft Windows PC’s running Windows 10, 7, Vista SP2 or XP SP3 with a current Browser

Apple OS X Versions 10.5.x or above. NOTE for VPN access you will need to request the Pulse Secure Client from the HYMS IT Helpdesk. e-mail: help@hyms.ac.uk

In addition you can connect via iPhone / iPad and Android devices by downloading Pulse secure from the respective Application Stores.

Getting Started

To start accessing the HYMS Portal go to the Website https://portal.hyms.ac.uk

You will be presented with the following page:

Login using your HYMS username and Password.

Depending on your rights and role within HYMS you will be presented with a variation on the following screen.

As mentioned at the start of this document the page is divided into four Areas:

  • Web Bookmarks i.e. HYMS Websites
  • Files i.e. Rudimentary access to download and upload files
  • Terminal Sessions i.e. Access to the HYMS remote Desktop.
  • Client Application Sessions i.e. a proper VPN connection so you can access certain HYMS services directly. Examples of this would be: Echo 360 lecture Capture upload and Directly accessing the remote desktop via an IPAD.

Web Bookmarks

Below are the standard HYMS web bookmarks:

You can Add Additional Bookmarks using the Plus Button and also Bookmark frequently used Files and Folders by clicking the “Bookmark Current Folder”


This gives basic access to HYMS Files and Folders. The advantage of this route for accessing files is it does not require any additional software to be installed. The disadvantage is that it is a bit cumbersome.

Terminal Sessions – Remote Desktop

This gives you access to the HYMS Desktop. An equivalent of a HYMS Desktop PC. This is probably the easiest way to access HYMS applications and files remotely. As it also connects your local PC’s drives, printers and sound.

NOTE: for this option to work you will need to have the ability to install applications locally, if you are unable to so this choose the HYMS Remote Desktop (no plug-ins needed) option.

When first using this option you will get the following messages:

Finally you will be presented with a HYMS Desktop.

If you close the Remote Desktop session with the X then whatever programs are running will remain open until you re-connect.

A full log off can be achieved by clicking on the Start (windows) button and then Log Off.

To end your portal session click on the Sign Out button to the top left.

Updated on 04/19/2021

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