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HYMS Email Security Changes

HYMS will be introducing some security changes early in the new year as mandated by Microsoft, which will potentially impact on your ability to access HYMS email.

If you do have a problem after the changes on the 21st January 2021 with accessing HYMS email then please follow the help guideline below:

HYMS Email Access Troubleshooting

Please read the following information carefully:

Access via HYMS webmail via https://office.com is unaffected by this change and will continue to work.

Reduction in Mail Clients Supported

We will only support the following mail clients:

  • Outlook (iOS/Android/MacOS/Windows). Windows and MacOS versions need to be 2016+
  • Apple mail. iOS (11.3+) or OS X (10.14+) 

For MacOS and Windows users only the following versions of Outlook are supported:

  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook 2019
  • Outlook from Office 365

Older Devices and Operating Systems no longer supported

Users using the following operating systems are highly likely to be only able to use Webmail via https://office.com to be able to access their HYMS email:

  • Apple OS-X version 10.14 or less
  • Microsoft Windows versions prior to Windows 10
  • iOS versions prior to 11.3
  • Older Android incapable of running Microsoft’s Outlook App

In preparation for the change we would recommend that all users upgrade to the latest operating system version available. If you are using Outlook on a Windows or MacOS device then please upgrade to at least Outlook 2016 but preferably Outlook 2019 or Outlook from Office 365.


Updated on 12/17/2020

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