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How to grade and provide feedback on postgraduate assessments

This article provides an overview on how to grade and provide feedback on postgraduate assessments. It will cover how marking rubrics allow tutors to provide comments, overall feedback and a grade within the online environment.

The screenshots throughout this article are representative of a summative written assignment being graded with anonymous and delegated marking enabled.

Please do not mark work from Internet Explorer. This browser is no longer supported by Blackboard and use of this can result in many issues with marking work. Please see our guidance regarding Internet Explorer: blackboard and internet explorer 11 general guidance and troubleshooting

To provide feedback using a rubric follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into Blackboard and navigate to the course where the assessment was created
  2. On the course menu (located on the left hand side of the screen), click on grade centre in the course management section
  3. From the grade centre menu select needs grading – in this instance, as delegated marking is enabled, you will only see the assessments that you’re required to mark.
  4. From the needs grading page: filter the items that need grading to show only the assignment you want to grade. You will only need to do this if your module has more than one assessment active at that time.
  5. In the user attempt column, all identifying information is replaced with “anonymous student” and an attempt ID.  To mark an assignment, click the anonymous student link.This will open Blackboard’s grading interface.
  6. Firstly, expand the grading panel to access the rubric. You can do this by clicking the downward arrow here or by clicking in the attempt box. Here you have the option to open the rubric in the grading panel or in a separate window. We recommend you open the rubric in a separate window. 
  7. The grading rubric allows you to give a grade and written feedback for each of the assessment criteria. Each criteria contributes to the overall percentage of the assessment mark. The weighting may differ for each criteria. Select the grade you wish to award the student – the rubric has the flexibility to allow you to select a grade within the percentage range. To do this, select the drop-down arrow at the top of the rubric box. By default, the grade will be the middle of the grading range.
  8. After you have awarded a grade you can add some specific written feedback for that criteria in the box provided.
  9. Continue to assess the remaining grading criteria on the rubric. As you can see the rubric automatically calculates a final grade for this submission. You can change this (if you want) by entering a new grade in the raw score box.
  10. At the bottom of the rubric you have the opportunity to provide the student with some general feedback about the assignment.
  11. Click save. This will take you back to the main Blackboard grading page.

    At this point please be aware that if you leave the grading interface without clicking submit you will lose the information entered in the rubric.

  12. If you have entered feedback into the rubric we suggest you alert the student to this in the feedback to learner box. 
  13. Click the submit button in the bottom right corner to complete the marking process

If you’re moderating or second marking on a postgraduate module, please contact the eLearning team (elearning@hyms.ac.uk) for further advice. Guidance on this is dependent on how the assessment has been setup.

Updated on 11/28/2019

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