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Echo 360: Personal capture recording

This article outlines how to record a narrated presentation using the Echo360 personal capture.

Please see our help guide titled ‘Downloading and installing personal capture‘ to install personal capture on your computer.

Follow these simple steps to record using Echo360 personal capture.

Launch Echo360 personal capture

Please be aware that making a recording does not require you to be logged in. You will need to login to publish your recording.

  1. Launch Echo360 personal capture.
  2. Plug-in your headset microphone.
  3. From the menu (on the left-hand side) select your audio device from the dropdown menu. Your computer may have several e.g., headset mic and webcam mic.

  1. Now select the display (monitor) to be captured. If you have multiple monitors, you can choose between them.
  2. You can also select the video (webcam), if required, for recording yourself.

Setting recording levels

  1. While wearing your headset, test the audio recording levels (reduce the levels to keep the recording levels in the green). If the levels are around the 70% level, showing as green with some yellow, this is fine. Otherwise, they need to be reset.
  2. Right click the speaker icon in the tool bar found on the lower right of the laptop’s screen and choose Recording devices.
  3. Choose Recording tab and select Microphone Logitech USB headset and then click Properties.
  4. Choose the Levels tab and set the Microphone slider to 50. Choose this as a starting point, you may need a different setting. Click OK in both of the open dialogue boxes.

Make a recording

  1. Open your presentation or other screen based media and press the record button on the personal capture homepage.  The recording will commence in 5 seconds.
  2. Press Alt F3 at anytime to pause/resume recording.
  3. When you have finished your recording press Alt F2 to stop recording.

Publishing a recording

Once you have finished your recording  you can upload it to your personal library or publish it directly to a module area for students to view.

  1. Log into Personal Capture from the top right-hand corner
  2. You will be taken to an online login page. Enter your HYMS username + @hyms.ac.uk.
  3. You will then need to log in with your HYMS username and password.
  4. If you see the following message, click on open Echo360 software capture.
  5. You will now see that you are logged in on Personal Capture. You can hover over your recording in your list of recordings and select the publish icon.
  6. Give your recording a name.
  7. Choose where to upload to from the drop-down list. This is where you can choose to upload it to your personal library or publish it directly to a module area for students to view, if you have modules listed.
  8. Click Upload. A progress bar next to your listed  recording will say queued. Under the title of the recording it will then say where it has been published to.  Publishing time depends on the edits you make, the size of the recording and network conditions.

To add your recording to Blackboard, please visit the help page titled ‘Adding an Echo360 video to Blackboard‘.

Updated on 02/13/2019

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