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Creating Blackboard groups

This article looks at how to create groups on a Blackboard course.

You may want to split your students into groups in Blackboard to facilitate online group work, control availability of materials, or improve the management of marking or communication. Groups can have their own discussion forums, blogs and wikis.

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions on how to create a group.

  1. From the Course Management, click Users and Groups and the Groups.
  2. From the Groups page, click Create. From the drop-down menu select a Manual Enrol Group.
  3. Give the group a Name and Description.
  4. Make the group available to students.

The group will need to available to the students for collaborative learning opportunities. If you are using groups for adaptive release or delegated marking the group does not need to be available to the students.

  1. Choose the Tools you wish to make available to the group. Only choose the tools you intend to use to avoid confusion.

  1. Choose whether to allow the group to personalise there group area. You can also create a Smart View for the group. You may wish to do this if this group is going to be used as part of the marking process for summative assessments.
  2. Finally, add the member to the group. Click Add Users and enrol the relevant students to the group.

  1. Click Submit to finish the process.
Updated on 02/12/2019

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