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Creating Blackboard announcements

The announcement function is a key communication tool for making colleagues and students aware of events, deadlines and other important information. Courses and organisations all have an announcements page.

Students and staff are advised to regularly check announcements. Please also see the help page announcements guide. Announcements can be checked directly on the announcements page and via email / Blackboard phone app notifications. Please also see the guide managing Blackboard notifications.

Overview of the process

This guide will explain:

  • how to create, edit and delete an announcement
  • positioning of announcements on the announcements page

Create an announcement

  1. Click on the relevant course or organisation
  2. Ensure edit mode is turned on in the top right-hand corner of the course page view
  3. Click on announcements from the left-hand navigation menu. This will direct you to the announcements page for that course or organisation.
  4. Click on create announcement
  5. Input a title and content for the announcement. Content is added by using the text editor box. Write announcements as you would an email that is being sent to everyone in the organisation (this might actually be the case), use the appropriate tone and language. Please see the help page Blackboard editor – working with text and adding files, multimedia and weblinks
  6. Set date and time restrictions. It is good practice to set an expiry date so that the announcement page only shows relevant / recent information.
  7. Add a course link to another part of the Blackboard course, if required. Please be aware that links to course content won’t appear in the email announcement.
  8. Click submit

Published announcements are visible to all staff and students enrolled on a course / organisation, and announcement notifications will be received by all enrolled staff and students who have notifications turned on. Consider this carefully when choosing where to post an announcement.

When viewing an announcement via an email notification, users will need to also be logged into Blackboard to access any links in the email view. You can include this guidance alongside any links.There also may be a delay of several minutes before users receive notifications for new announcements.   

Edit / delete an announcement

  1. Hover over the announcement and click on the grey arrow that appears to the right of the announcement title
  2. Select edit or delete from the drop-down menu


Editing an announcement and publishing again will resend an announcement notification.

Positioning of announcements on the announcements page

 New announcements appear below this line

Newly published announcements will automatically appear below the item; new announcements appear below this line.  Items positioned above this item will stay at the top of the announcements page. This is often where course welcome announcements are positioned, or announcements containing information that will stay highly relevant and important.

Reordering announcements

You can use the drag and drop function or the keyboard accessible reordering tool  to rearrange announcements. However, if date and time restrictions have been correctly used, announcements should appear in a logical and relevant order for as long as required.

Drag and drop function

  1. Hover over an announcement until the drag and drop arrows appear in the left-hand corner of the announcement
  2. Drag the announcement to the desired location on the page

Keyboard accessible reordering tool

  1. Select the keyboard accessible reordering icon
  2. In the reorder: content box, select an announcement in the list
  3. Use the move up and move down icons to adjust the order
  4. Click submit. A pop-up box states: items have been reordered.
  5. Select OK


Visibility and positioning of announcements set up in advance
  • In general announcements set up in advance will still generate notifications when they go live. However, please be aware that announcements will not be visible to students if they are set up before students are enrolled on a course. Also, if a Blackboard module is not visible to students and an announcement is set up to go live for after the site is made visible, it also won’t send an email at any point.  
  • Published announcements appear by date of creation, not pre-set date of going live. Therefore, an announcement created in August, set up to go live in December, will be published alongside August announcements, not December announcements. One workaround is to position announcements created far in advance above the ‘new announcements appear below this line’  item.  The announcement will then stay at the top of the announcements page. Ensure such announcements are date restricted to no longer be visible as soon as they are no longer required.
Updated on 01/09/2020

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