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Communicating in Microsoft Teams

This article will explain how to communicate effectively using Microsoft Teams. Each channel within a Team has it’s own Posts thread. This is where you can start a new conversation.

Conversation in channels are organised by date and then threaded.

Start a new conversation

If you wish to discuss a topic or project with a team, you can do so by starting a new conversation.

  1. Select the channel you wish to start the conversation in.
  2. At the bottom of the posts page, type your message into the box. If you want you can attach a file to accompany your message.
  3. Hit Enter (or select the paper aeroplane icon) to send the message.

Reply to a conversation

Replies in threaded conversations are displayed under the initial conversation making the discussion easy to follow.

  1. Find the conversation you want to reply to.
  2. Select Reply and add your message.
  3. Hit Enter or select the paper aeroplane icon. Your message will now be posted.


You can communicate directly with team members by mentioning them in the message.You can @mention a channel, a team, a person, or several people at once. These users will receive a notification if they’re mentioned in Teams communication.

  1. In the Reply or New Conversation box, type the @ symbol, then type the first few letters of the person’s first name.
  2. From the Suggestions list, select the person you wish to reference in the conversation.


You can easily see when someone @mentions you or replies to a thread you started. A number appears or increments on the Activity and Chat icons and an @ appears on the Teams icon.

  1. Select the Activity icon.
  2. To view conversations that apply to you, select Notifications. Select Recent to view up-to-date Team conversations.
Updated on 18/03/2020

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