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Blackboard: Creating Journals

Journals are a personal space for students to communicate privately with a tutor. Students can also use journals as a self-reflective tool to post their opinions, ideas, and concerns about the course, or discuss and analyze course-related materials. You can create journal assignments that are broad and student-directed as your students reflect on the learning process and document changes in their perceptions and attitudes. Students can describe problems faced and how they solved them.

Journals can be used for both individual and group projects.

To create a journal on your Blackboard course follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the area of the course you wish the students to access the journal from and from the Tools menu, select Journals.
  2. Click on Create New Journal.
  3. Give the Journal a Name and add some Instructions.

  1. Make the Journal available.

  1. If you wish you can limit the availability of the journal tool by setting a Display After and Until date.
  2. Now configure the Journal Settings. Select how you would like journal entries organising. Indexing will organise entries by the chosen time-frame. You can do this by month or week.
  3. You also have the option to Allow Users to Edit and Delete Entries, Allow Users to Delete Comments and Permit Course Users to View Journal.

  1. The Journal can be used as tool for assessment. If you wish to created an assessed Journal please contact a member of the Learning Enhancement and Support team for further guidance.
  2. Click Submit to complete the process.

Watch this short video to learn more about creating and commenting on journal entries.

Updated on 02/05/2019

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